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Malacasa is an online shop that offers a wide action of beautiful and high-quality porcelain dinnerware sets. In this article, I will present their dinnerware collections and urge immoderate of their astir celebrated sets.

A Variety of Stylish Dinnerware Collections to Choose From

Malacasa has cautiously curated various dinnerware collections that cater to different aesthetics and eating needs. Some of their astir extended collections include:

  • Flora Collection – Inspired by floral motifs, this postulation features sets adorned pinch delicate botanical illustrations. Their best-selling Flora dinnerware set comes successful a elemental achromatic ceramic guidelines dressed up pinch pinkish roseate patterns.
  • Blance Collection – For those who for illustration a minimalist look, nan Blance postulation offers subtly designed all-white ceramic pieces.
  • Mario Collection – Vibrant geometric patterns successful superior colors are nan item of this playful collection.
  • Elvira Collection – Elegant paisley prints successful moody hues for illustration navy and burgundy specify this blase collection.

With truthful galore stylish options to take from, you are judge to find a group that matches your individual sensation and home’s aesthetic. All collections are crafted from durable, food-safe porcelain that tin withstand regular use.

A Trusted Brand for Quality Tableware

Malacasa has built a beardown estimation among location chefs and hosts for providing restaurant-quality serving pieces and array settings astatine affordable value points. Some cardinal reasons why Malacasa is simply a go-to prime for premium dinnerware include:

  • Superior worldly – Porcelain is overmuch much resilient than ceramic aliases integrative alternatives. Malacasa sets tin withstand dishwasher, oven, freezer, and microwave use.
  • Thoughtful designs – Sets are complete pinch each basal pieces to big general meal parties aliases casual family meals.
  • Lifetime warranty – They connection replacements for pieces that spot aliases ace owed to defects successful worldly aliases craftsmanship.
  • Exceptional customer work – Friendly representatives are disposable to reply questions and reside issues.

Whether you’re looking to switch older sets aliases acquisition tableware for a caller home, Malacasa should decidedly beryllium astatine nan apical of your database for enduring, high-quality options.

Recommendations: Top Malacasa Dinnerware Sets

Here are immoderate of their astir celebrated sets worthy considering:

Flora Dinnerware Set for 4

The charming floral motifs of this bestselling group make it an fantabulous prime for casual meals and entertaining. It comes pinch 4 meal plates, bowls, and cups for a complete spot setting.

Elvira Serving Set (Set of 2)

For serving appetizers aliases bringing dishes to nan table, these generous serving platters characteristic an eye-catching paisley motif. An elegant summation to general dinners.

Mario 16-Piece Bakeware Set

Home bakers will find this broad group invaluable, pinch ramekins, baking dishes, and barroom pans successful bright, cheerful designs suitable for immoderate kitchen.

Amparo Mug Set (Set of 4)

These geometric patterned mugs are perfect for greeting java aliases tea. Durable capable for regular usage yet handsome capable for guests.


Whether you’re successful nan marketplace for an full dinnerware group refresh aliases conscionable a fewer further serving pieces, Malacasa offers beautiful options that will service you good for galore meals to come. Browse their collections coming to find styles you’ll emotion astatine an affordable price. Browse their collections coming to find styles you’ll emotion astatine an affordable price.