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Every national of nan European Union – including Spain – is required to salary VAT. It is applicable particularly to those doing business successful nan state aliases trading equipment and services to Spanish consumers. It is important to understand nan existent VAT successful Spain regulations to debar imaginable penalties for non-compliance.

Foreign businesses operating successful Spain whitethorn beryllium required to registry arsenic VAT taxpayers. This number allows them to record VAT returns successful Spain and relationship for VAT. The process of registering for VAT successful Spain itself tin look analyzable to many, and whitethorn require nan assistance of a taxation representative. Read nan pursuing article to hole for your question and reply pinch a taxation specialist.

What are nan VAT rates successful Spain?

When doing business successful Spain, you will brushwood 4 different rates of worth added tax. The modular VAT complaint successful Spain is 21%. In addition, location is simply a reduced VAT complaint of 10%, arsenic good arsenic 2 ace reduced rates – 4% and 0%. If you want to find retired what types of equipment you tin use each VAT complaint to, spell to https://polishtax.com/vat-in-spain-brief-introduction/.

VAT registration successful Spain – erstwhile is it required?

Registration for VAT successful Spain – arsenic successful different EU countries – should return spot erstwhile you are:

  • importing equipment to Spain,
  • purchasing and trading equipment and services connected nan territory of Spain,
  • selling equipment and services from different EU countries to Spanish consumers,
  • storing equipment successful Spain.

In addition, arsenic successful different EU personnel countries, businesses should registry for VAT successful Spain and settee income locally erstwhile they exceeded intra-Community region income period of €10,000, starting pinch nan transaction that reached nan limit. As an replacement to skipping section registration, arsenic a taxpayer, you tin opt for nan VAT OSS procedure, which allows you collectively relationship for income successful nan EU.

How to registry for VAT successful Spain?

Non-EU entrepreneurs who wish to go VAT taxpayers successful Spain must usage a taxation lawyer to complete nan VAT registration process. A taxation lawyer is authorized to correspond nan institution earlier nan Administración de la Agencia Estatál de Administración Tributaria (AEAT), nan authority responsible for VAT registration and colony successful Spain.

What documents must beryllium submitted erstwhile registering for VAT successful Spain?

In bid to get a VAT number and spell done nan VAT registration process successful Spain, you must taxable further documents successful summation to nan registration application. These include:

  • a transcript of nan incorporation aliases relation articles,
  • an apostille and a pre-approved transcript of your ID, certified by a notary and a court,
  • confirmation of EU VAT registration and registration successful nan institution registry.

Important! The Articles of Incorporation and nan confirmation of registration successful nan Companies Registry must beryllium translated into Spanish.

VAT rule successful Spain is governed by some European Union regulations and nationalist legislation. However, it should beryllium noted that nan EU sets nan rules nether which nationalist authorities operate, allowing them to found their ain circumstantial VAT regulations. As a result, immoderate aspects, specified arsenic archive requirements, whitethorn alteration from state to country. Therefore, it is important to usage an knowledgeable taxation advisor.