10 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Become a Happier Mom

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In this post, you will study 10 ways to go a happier mom that are truthful elemental you tin commencement to instrumentality them now and consciousness happier correct away!

I’m not a master happiness philosopher aliases anything, but I judge happiness is:

A simultaneous emotion of bid and excitement. The absence of stress, fear, and anxiety. Hopefulness for nan early and an overwhelming consciousness of love.

I know.


But, I judge that happiness is conscionable a infinitesimal you tin only consciousness successful nan coming and that “being happy” conscionable intends you are capable to drawstring together tons of those moments backmost to back. 

So if we are talking astir happiness successful nan discourse of motherhood, really tin you go a “happier” mom?

The reply – do everything you tin to destruct stress, fear, and worry from your life and do much things that bring you hopefulness for nan early and an overwhelming consciousness of love!

Easy right?

Maybe not, but nan tips beneath will thief you get there!

Learn 10 ways to go a happier mom below

1. Start a meditation Practice

One of nan champion things you tin do to destruct accent and worry is to commencement a meditation practice. Meditation has been scientifically proven to trim stress, power anxiety, make kindness, and a multitude of different unthinkable benefits.

Science and grounds aside, meditation FEELS amazing!

I’ve felt specified an unthinkable quality successful nan measurement I genitor since I started meditating consistently. I consciousness truthful overmuch calmer and level-headed. I americium little reactive toward my daughter.

I can’t moreover show you really awesome it feels to not beryllium yelling astatine my girl each nan clip complete stupid things because I consciousness overwhelmed and stressed.

And of course, erstwhile I americium little coiled up, my girl feels that power too. She listens amended and is much loving and gentle. Win, win!

Starting a meditation believe doesn’t person to beryllium scary aliases overwhelming. It conscionable takes carving a fewer minutes each time retired of your engaged schedule to fto your mind and assemblage rest.

Learn much astir really to commencement meditating and why it’s astonishing for moms here.

Easy actionable extremity #1

For nan adjacent week, effort to meditate each time for 10-15 minutes earlier your kids aftermath up. See really it makes you consciousness passim nan day.

2. Don’t comparison yourself to different mothers

You must extremity comparing yourself to different mothers if you ever want to beryllium a happy mama.

I cognize you’ve astir apt heard this a cardinal times and it conscionable sounds for illustration achromatic sound by now, but comparison really is nan thief of joy. Maybe publication that a fewer much times and genuinely fto it descend in.

How galore times a time do you comparison yourself to different mothers? How often do you find yourself saying things like…

She sewage pregnant truthful overmuch faster than me, that’s not fair. Why are her children truthful good behaved and excavation don’t moreover perceive to me? Why does she look truthful beautiful aft giving commencement and I looked for illustration I conscionable sewage stung by a bee? Her location is truthful beautiful and organized. Mine will ne'er beryllium for illustration that. Why was breastfeeding truthful easy for her and I’m having specified a difficult time!

Every clip you opportunity thing for illustration that you’re saying that who you are and what you person is not enough.

What happens erstwhile you don’t consciousness for illustration you’re enough?

You commencement to consciousness for illustration shit! Moms who consciousness for illustration crap are not happy moms. I personally cognize this to beryllium true.

When you comparison yourself to different mother you are simultaneously diminishing yourself. You cannot believe self-love if you are perpetually belittling your worthy and your experiences by comparing them to others.

When you comparison yourself to different people, you are showing yourself disrespect.

I cognize that NOT comparing yourself to different group is easier said than done. So each clip you consciousness yourself starting to compare, I want you to do this:

Look astatine your children and your family. Look astatine each blessing you’ve been fixed successful your life and beryllium flooded pinch a consciousness of gratitude. Sit successful that gratitude arsenic agelong arsenic it takes you to threat retired of nan comparison crippled and recognize really dang fortunate you are. 

Easy Actionable Tip #2

Start a gratitude journal. Every time constitute down 5-10 things you’re grateful for successful your life. It doesn’t matter really large aliases really small. You mightiness moreover beryllium amazed conscionable really galore things you tin list!

3. Flood your mind pinch praise

Okay, if you’re caller to nan full thoughts go things belief, this mightiness return a spot of convincing truthful bent successful location for a second.

Basically, I want you to commencement saying nicer things to yourself. Like really bully things each nan time. Like your mind should beryllium a positive affirmation warehouse. I want you to flood your mind pinch praise…for yourself!

As women, and past moreover much arsenic mothers, we are perpetually saying antagonistic things to ourselves.

We look successful nan reflector and think, “Ugh, you’re truthful fat. Those agelong marks are disgusting. Ewww what is going connected pinch my hair?!”We outcry astatine our children and think, “I’m nan worst mom. I dislike myself for this.”

I tin spell connected and connected because I’ve been location — digging myself into and deeper and deeper spread pinch my thoughts alone.

The things you opportunity to yourself successful your caput each time agelong are dictating your mood, your authorities of mind, your actions, and fundamentally your personality. If you opportunity mean things to yourself each day, that’s 1 really bully measurement to guarantee you won’t beryllium a happy mom.

I precocious watched a talk by nan hypnotherapist Marisa Peer wherever she said that nan thoughts we deliberation each time go nan blueprint of our lives, that we create our beliefs and past our beliefs create us.

If we want to go happier mothers, we person to create amended beliefs astir ourselves. Creating a belief intends ingraining a thought into our subconscious mind.

One measurement to do that is done repetition. Flood your mind pinch praise and watch really quickly truthful commencement to consciousness amended astir yourself.

Easy Actionable Tip #3

Write “I americium enough” connected each reflector successful your house. Write it connected insubstantial and put it connected your fridge, your beforehand door, everywhere! Then, erstwhile you spot it: Stop everything, return a heavy activity and opportunity it to yourself 3 times. The much you do it nan amended you’ll feel.

4. Ditch nan mom guilt

As agelong arsenic we are already moving connected being nicer to ourselves, let’s conscionable ditch nan mom guilt while we’re astatine it.

No much emotion blameworthy for letting your kids play pinch nan iPad truthful you tin get immoderate activity done.

No much emotion blameworthy erstwhile your kids don’t meet milestones astatine nan “right” time.

No much emotion blameworthy for not breastfeeding astatine each aliases breastfeeding excessively long.

Please nary much emotion blameworthy for being nan champion mother you knew really to beryllium up to this point.

I don’t cognize if it’s immoderate benignant of biologic point that clicks successful our brains aft we person babies, but abruptly we each consciousness for illustration we request to beryllium truthful damn perfect.

Before we had kids we allowed ourselves to make mistakes without nan weight of nan world connected our shoulders. But now that these small humans are relying connected america to style them and raise them to beryllium flawless and cleanable we are not allowed to falter without emotion tremendous shame and guilt each time. 

Mothers are not superhumans. We cannot go happier moms if we clasp ourselves to insane standards and hit ourselves up each clip we don’t meet them.

Another constituent I want to make is that we cannot let different group to group our standards for us. Every family is different, each kid is different, and everyone has different priorities and ways of doing things. Do not consciousness blameworthy if you are not gathering personification other standards for nan benignant of mom you should be. 

Easy Actionable Tip #4

List 3 things that you person felt mom guilt astir lately connected a expanse of paper. Then, look astatine nan list, return a heavy breath, forgive yourself, and fto it go. Take a fewer moments to decipher why you felt guilty. Whose standards were you trying to meet? Become alert of wherever your guilt is coming from truthful you tin admit it if it comes up again.

5. Make clip for your passions

One of nan things that hap erstwhile you go a mother is that you go really engaged focusing connected your children’s needs. Children person a measurement of filling schedules and shortening days.

With each of nan chaos, making clip for your passions is not a priority. But if you want to beryllium a happy mom, it needs to be!

What were you passionate astir earlier you became a mom? What were your favourite hobbies and activities? What was your “thing”?

Maybe it was painting, playing an instrument, doing your hairsbreadth and makeup, dancing, volunteering, aliases writing. Whatever that point was, it was a portion of you. An incredibly typical portion of you because it was thing you did conscionable for nan sheer joyousness of doing it.

Not making clip for your passions aft becoming a mom is for illustration throwing that typical portion of yourself away.

Personally, earlier becoming a mom I utilized to play my guitar each nan time. If I only cognize past what a privilege that was. After I sewage pregnant, I stopped playing and I didn’t prime up my guitar again for almost 2 years! When I did yet beryllium down to play, I burst into tears. It was for illustration I was reintroduced to a portion of myself I didn’t recognize I was desperately missing. I felt sorry for neglecting nan very portion of myself that really brought maine to life. 

It was aft that acquisition that I realized really important it is for mothers to make clip for nan things they were passionate astir earlier motherhood.

There is nary measurement we tin beryllium genuinely happy if we don’t consciousness full and complete. And there’s nary measurement to consciousness full and complete if we are leaving parts of ourselves successful nan dark, conscionable because we “can’t find nan time” to fto them spot nan ray of day.

Easy Actionable Tip #5

Think of 1 point you utilized to emotion to do earlier becoming a mom that you haven’t done successful a while. Something you were really passionate about. Do it coming aliases tomorrow. Give yourself a chance to retrieve really unthinkable it made you feel. Then fto that unthinkable emotion animate you to compression it into your engaged schedule EVERY WEEK!

6. Make conscious nutrient choices

One of nan ways to go a happier mother is to make conscious nutrient choices.

Meaning — extremity snacking connected junk nutrient because that’s each you person nan clip for aliases mindlessly reaching for candy erstwhile you consciousness stressed and tired precocious successful nan afternoon.

Food tin person an unthinkable effect connected your temper and intelligence state.

Science shows that patient foods person a affirmative effect connected your temper and unhealthy foods person a antagonistic effect connected your mood.

Basically, nan much saturated fats, processed food, and refined sweetener you consume, nan much apt you are to consciousness stressed and depressed. 

I cognize that eating patient is not immoderate magical caller idea. Of course, we should eat patient food. Duh. I americium not moreover suggesting you radically alteration your fare aliases destruct each junk food.

What I americium doing is challenging you to return a activity aliases 2 earlier you eat thing and inquire yourself, “Do I really want to eat this correct now? Am I going to regret this later? Can I make a amended choice?” And past make a prime mindfully.

I besides propose you cheque retired this article Feeding Your Emotions pinch Whole Foods.

Easy Actionable Tip #6

Write down connected a portion of paper: Stop. Breathe. Make a conscious choice. Put that insubstantial successful your room location really evident wherever you cognize you’ll spot it. Slow down and deliberation astir really nan foods you’re astir to eat are going to impact your temper successful nan coming days.

7. Get much sleep

If you want to beryllium a happier mom, you can’t beryllium exhausted and moving connected fumes. You person to get much sleep!

I know, I know. It sounds for illustration a joke. I tin perceive you laughing done nan screen. I didn’t opportunity it was going to beryllium easy.

Studies show that group who slumber little than 5 hours a nighttime for a week acquisition much stress, anger, sadness, and intelligence fatigue.

Another study shows that group pinch insomnia are 5 times much apt to create depression.

Basically, parenthood and its inclination toward deficiency of slumber time off small room for emotion happy and clear-headed.

There’s nary instrumentality here. We conscionable person to get much slumber and that whitethorn mean being a small much strict pinch ourselves.

For example, if you’re for illustration maine and look guardant to your children’s bedtime because it’s your only chance for immoderate unsocial clip and freedom, you mightiness person to springiness that up sometimes. Maybe prime conscionable a mates of nights a week you fto yourself enactment up and nan remainder you spell to furniture early. Or possibly you conscionable don’t enactment up rather arsenic late.

Apparently, adults should slumber 7-9 hours a night for optimal health. That mightiness beryllium difficult to accomplish, but nan person we tin get nan better!

Quick broadside note:  If you’re successful nan newborn stage, you’re not going to slumber very much. There’s really nary measurement astir it. However, meditation and conscious eating will decidedly thief your power levels. Also, if anyone offers to watch nan babe truthful you tin rest, by golly return nan dang offer!

Easy Actionable Tip #7

Pick 3 nights this week to spell to furniture early. Look astatine your schedule and spot which nights make nan astir consciousness to get a small much slumber and virtually pencil it in. If you want to effort much than 3, spell ahead! 

8. Take a intelligence wellness day

Sometimes nan champion point we tin do for ourselves is thing astatine all.

Every truthful often, we conscionable request to return a intelligence wellness time to relax and decompress. No cleaning, nary projects, nary working, nary outings, nary planned activities, nary worrying, nary pressure, nary expectations! Nothing. Just 1 lazy time of being.

I really can’t return in installments for this idea, but I do deliberation it’s rather genius. I first heard of it from a awesome mother I travel connected Instagram named Karla Reed.

She said that each truthful often she conscionable needs to springiness herself a break, truthful she has these intelligence wellness days wherever she doesn’t do thing but fto nan time unfold connected its own.

She doesn’t interest astir nan location getting messy, aliases doing immoderate work, sometimes she doesn’t moreover shower. She conscionable gives herself a time to do thing and feels zero guilt astir it.

One connection of informing is to not fto 1 intelligence time move into two, aliases three, aliases worse a intelligence wellness week aliases month!

The constituent is not to debar your life aliases responsibilities. The beauty of a intelligence wellness time lies successful nan truth that it’s conscionable 1 time each truthful often. One time to springiness your mind immoderate abstraction to breathe, drawback up connected much-needed rest, shingle up your regular routine, and play pinch your kids!

Easy Actionable Tip #8

Pull retired that planner again. Look astatine your schedule and pencil successful a intelligence wellness time correct now. You tin make it connected a play erstwhile it mightiness beryllium easier to clear nan full day. Or you tin beryllium really daring, do it during nan week, and fto your kids enactment location from schoolhouse and different activities!

9. Mindfully watch your children

Okay, this is astir apt nan astir elemental yet effective measurement to consciousness happier correct away.

Just return a infinitesimal to watch your children.

Don’t get distracted and don’t multitask. Just springiness your children your afloat attraction for 15 minutes. Mindfully announcement each nan small things and consciousness arsenic nan grin spreads crossed your face.

Watch their minds activity arsenic they effort to lick a puzzle. Notice really they usage their small hands erstwhile they’re drafting a picture. Focus connected nan curves of their saccharine faces and nan magnitude of their swoon-worthy lashes. Take successful nan superb colour of their crystal clear eyes.

Be wholly coming and sorb each of their axenic guiltless beauty.

I sewage this thought erstwhile I was playing pinch my girl outside. I was watching her push her babe stroller astir nan backyard and abruptly recovered myself wholly enamored.

I tuned everything other retired and I conscionable stood location and watched her.

How she walks, really she sings to herself, really incredibly beautiful she is erstwhile nan ray hits her face, really she solves problems for illustration a small mini genius. I felt tears good up successful my eyes and was truthful flooded pinch gratitude and love. 

Our children are truthful magical. They are curious, adventurous, excitable, innocent, sensitive, fearless, and unapologetically themselves

If you springiness yourself a infinitesimal to really return successful who they are, their agleam beautiful power will swipe disconnected connected you. You will consciousness instantly happier. 

Easy Actionable Tip #9

Go watch your children correct now for 10-15 minutes. If you’re not pinch them correct now, past do it erstwhile you’re pinch them next. Watch them play, eat, sleep, whatever! I committedness this will make you happy. You mightiness moreover outcry happy tears for illustration me.

10. Spend much clip successful nature

Do not underestimate nan powerfulness of a small caller air, flowers, trees, and sunshine.

If you want to go a happier mom, walk much clip successful nature! And bring your kids along!

I cognize personally that conscionable spending immoderate clip successful my backyard tin importantly alteration my anxiety. There’s thing truthful calming astir proceeding nan birds chirping and emotion nan breeze and lukewarm sunshine connected my face.

My girl besides acts truthful overmuch calmer erstwhile we walk much clip outside, which arsenic a consequence helps pinch my ain accent levels. 

Personal acquisition aside, scientific studies show that location is simply a beardown relationship betwixt clip spent successful quality and reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.

The soothing sounds, sensations, and sights successful quality really calm nan body’s conflict aliases formation consequence and distract your mind from antagonistic thinking.

Of course, nan much quality you are surrounded by nan greater nan effect. You’ll consciousness moreover amended successful a secluded wood than you will successful your gait wherever location is simply a multitude of different distractions for illustration sounds successful your house, cars passing by, etc.

However, if you can’t make it to a wood aliases formation each day, spending much clip successful immoderate earthy environment, moreover your backyard, will beryllium beneficial.

Easy Actionable Tip #10

This is simply a two-parter. One, walk 10 minutes each time successful nature, moreover if it’s conscionable successful your yard. Two, return retired your planner again and schedule a family hike aliases picnic!

Let’s Recap!

Happiness is simply a simultaneous emotion of bid and excitement. If you want to go a happier mom, you person to destruct stress, fear, and worry truthful you tin consciousness peace. You besides person to do things that bring you a hopefulness for nan early and an overwhelming consciousness of emotion truthful you tin consciousness nan excitement. If you want to do that, nan 10 things listed supra are a awesome spot to start!

I’m curious, really do you specify happiness? Share successful nan comments below!

10 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Become a Happier Mom