Keysight DSOX1102G Oscilloscope Review (2023 Buying Guide)

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Keysight DSOX1102G Oscilloscope

Keysight is known for making top value oscilloscopes catered to professionals. The Keysight 100 X-Series (Keysight DSOX1102G, successful particular) is their introduction into nan marketplace of hobbyists, students and wide consumers.

It’s benignant of for illustration if Lexus, who is known for apical value automobiles, decided to create a much affordable type while still maintaining beardown engineering and creation principles – aka Toyota, and past gave users nan expertise to hack nan bandwidth (upgrade nan horsepower). People are understandably excited and person lauded praise connected nan Keysight oscilloscopes, astir notably nan Keysight DSOX1102G.

Keysight DSOX1102G Oscilloscope At A Glance

This is simply a mini oscilloscope but it’s packed pinch a batch of features. There’s a built successful multimeter, wave antagonistic and waveform generator. And it boots up successful astir 20 seconds, which is comparatively accelerated compared to astir scopes, peculiarly fixed its rich | characteristic set.

Bandwidth: It’s nary concealed that galore oscilloscopes are hackable, allowing nan personification to double nan bandwidth successful galore cases. Perhaps this is nan lawsuit pinch nan Keysight oscilloscope arsenic well. It’s advertised arsenic having a bandwidth of 100 MHz, but location person been respective reports of group hacking it to summation nan bandwidth to 200 MHz.

Moreover, nan 100 MHz type of the oscilloscope comes pinch 200 MHz probes. This is Keysight’s not truthful subtle hint that you should hack distant to entree its greater bandwidth.

We’ve antecedently written astir nan Rigol DS1054Z and though nan Keysight DSOX1102G costs much than doubly arsenic much, it’s still considered an introduction level oscilloscope truthful we couldn’t thief but comparison nan 2 o-scopes.

One point we noted was nan accrued responsiveness of nan Keysight arsenic compared to nan Rigol acknowledgment to nan Keysight’s built-in Megazoom ASICs. There’s nary noticeable hold erstwhile pressing paper buttons, which is bully erstwhile you’re offsetting waveforms, for example.

Keysight DSOX1102G Detailed Review

User Interface

The paper is reasonably intuitive and the options are good system pinch adjuvant settings that explicate definite options and features by depressing nan buttons for a fewer seconds. Press it doubly again to navigate to nan erstwhile surface aliases property nan mediate of nan fastener to set default values.

The buttons whitethorn return immoderate getting used to since they’re a spot small, springiness nan Keysight’s comparatively mini footprint, but once you’ve sewage them down, it each starts to make consciousness acknowledgment to nan ‘scopes responsiveness and readiness of “push to select” connected each of its beforehand panel knobs.


The Keysight DSOX1102G has a crisp and clear 7” precocious solution surface that makes viewing waveforms a elemental matter. It looks amended than nan Tektronix and nan Rigol successful my opinion, and this is possibly owed to nan accelerated update rate.

Note, location is astir 1” of nan Keysight’s screen dedicated to displaying info specified arsenic sample complaint and mathematics equations.

keysight oscilloscope broadside perspective view

Keysight DSOX1102G Oscilloscope Operation

Waveform Zoom

In short, its beautiful great! For examining the waveform successful much detail, Keysight offers nan expertise to return precise measurements pinch nan coursers, comparison different sections of nan waveform, and even analyse different parts of nan FFT.

Bus Decoding

For elemental integer debugging, location are 5 types of serial buses disposable to decode pinch communal protocols covered: CAN, I2C, SPI, UART and CAN. Each has their ain dedicated setup options.

Additionally, you tin trigger connected nan various parts of nan autobus protocols, which facilitates troubleshooting of glitches aliases errors successful messaging.

Math Functions

The DSOX11026 comes pinch nan standard math functions 1 would expect and you tin move betwixt f(t) and g(t) mode, which are nan displayed and intermediate mathematics functions. Define the intermediate mathematics usability once, and past usage it connected immoderate consequent math operations. Simple, arsenic compared to nan Rigol wherever you person to constantly redefine nan intermediate functions.


A captious measurement of immoderate oscilloscope of course. There are 2 models, 1 pinch 70 MHz and nan different pinch 100 MHz bandwidth. Given that nan higher bandwidth exemplary costs nan same, I’m not judge it makes consciousness to moreover see nan little bandwidth model.

Waveform Generator

It has a decent 20 MHz function generator tin of generating square, sine, triangle and moreover sound waveforms. It swings betwixt +/- 12 V, but pinch an output impedance of 50 ohms, it drops to +/- 6 V astatine that higher ohm load.

Only the sine waveform tin spell to nan afloat 20 MHz, but notably, you tin use various modulations to nan waveforms specified arsenic FM, AM and FSK pinch respective modulation depths.


The ability to frost nan waveform astatine nan correct infinitesimal is captious for analysis. There are 7 triggering options disposable successful nan Keysight DSOX1102G.

  • Edge triggering (rise, fall, alternating)
  • Pulse width and video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
  • Pattern matching, rise/fall clip – you tin specify a digital worth for each transmission for initiating an event.
  • Setup and hold
  • Serial events


A requirement connected each modern oscilloscopes, nan Keysight’s Fast Fourier Transform is accessed by its ain button. You tin entree FFT connected either transmission and connected an intermediate mathematics usability arsenic well, a clear differentiator from nan Rigol oscope.

Side note, you tin hide channels. You tin execute mathematics functions without the channels being turned on, very useful if you conscionable want to spot nan spectra of a signal connected a single, uncluttered screen.

Update Rate

It’s fast. When compared to nan Rigol, its prone to less failures and amended for occurrence analysis. Detailed testing examples specified arsenic this 1 abound.

Bottom Line

To sum up, nan Keysight DSOX1102G oscilloscope offers a compelling entry-level action for users who desire a equilibrium betwixt functionality and affordability. This is simply a awesome introduction level oscilloscope that has galore pared down features of Keysight’s higher extremity oscillocopes.

One would person to measurement nan further benefits provided successful bid to warrant paying considerably much for nan Keysight than nan Rigol 1054Z, but it whitethorn beryllium worthy it for immoderate users.