12 Ways to Deal with Negative People in a Kind & Loving Way

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In this post, you’ll study 12 ways to woody pinch antagonistic people successful a measurement that is benignant and loving, truthful you tin enactment connected your way of positivity!

One of nan much difficult parts of opening a travel of self-discovery and individual maturation is that not everyone successful your life is going to play along. Everyone is connected their ain travel and 99.9% of nan clip it’s going to look thing for illustration yours. 

Just because you determine to beryllium much positive, doesn’t mean everyone other is abruptly much affirmative too. Just because you’ve decided to travel your large dreams, doesn’t mean everyone is going to beryllium cheering for your occurrence connected nan sidelines. Just because you’ve decided to judge successful a higher powerfulness and cultivate a narration pinch nan Universe, doesn’t mean nan group successful your life are going to each of a abrupt foster nan aforesaid beliefs arsenic you. As a matter of fact, they mightiness not admit that you’ve gone to nan “woo woo” broadside and rotation their eyes each clip you opportunity you’re manifesting something. Just thought I’d propulsion successful a individual illustration there. LOL

No matter what you do, wherever you go, aliases really belief you whitethorn beryllium — you will ever travel into interaction pinch antagonistic people. In bid to show up arsenic your champion aforesaid and not get thrown disconnected your ain way of positivity, it’s bully to person immoderate strategies to trust connected erstwhile you transverse paths pinch personification who mightiness not beryllium rather arsenic lighthearted arsenic you.

Learn 12 ways to woody pinch negetive group below

1. Walk distant and pray

The first extremity for dealing pinch antagonistic group is to conscionable locomotion away. This, of course, is only an action if nan antagonistic personification is simply a alien and you person nary logic to ever spot them again. So for this, let’s conscionable presume nan antagonistic personification you’ve travel successful interaction pinch is simply a alien — a cashier astatine a store, a teller astatine a bank, a rude driver, etc. The champion point you tin do erstwhile you brushwood a antagonistic alien is conscionable fto it spell and locomotion distant because you will astir apt ne'er spot this personification again.

Spending immoderate of your power being rude back, defending yourself, aliases getting offended is conscionable pointless. Countering their negativity pinch your ain not only makes nan business worse, but you bring nan guilt of being antagonistic pinch you for nan remainder of nan day. All for a personification you’ll ne'er spot again.

However, conscionable because you won’t spot them again doesn’t mean that they aren’t a quality being that deserves conscionable arsenic overmuch respect arsenic you. There is astir apt a really good, and perchance achy logic they were being negative. That’s why immoderate clip you locomotion distant from a antagonistic person, return a infinitesimal to nonstop emotion and ray their way. Pray for their highest good. If you don’t judge successful praying, conscionable inquire nan beingness to guideline them to immoderate thief they mightiness need. Next clip you brushwood a antagonistic stranger, return a heavy breath, fto it go, and nonstop immoderate emotion their way.

2. Understand nan logic for their negativity

People don’t person a pessimistic outlook connected life aliases dainty group severely because they are well-adjusted, happy people. On nan contrary, antagonistic group are dealing pinch their ain fear, pain, and struggles. Treating group poorly, seeing nan world arsenic doomed, and surviving successful a authorities of negativity is conscionable a coping mechanism. It’s nan earthy measurement successful which we effort to protect ourselves and deflect our pain. If we don’t return nan clip to uncover our symptom and return patient steps to heal it, past we conscionable deflect connected autopilot. That’s what antagonistic group are doing; they are protecting themselves by blaming different group for their problems and habitually reacting from a spot of fear.

When you are astir antagonistic friends, family, aliases co-workers and consciousness disappointment aliases drained by their energy, you tin return distant nan powerfulness they person complete you by knowing nan reasons for their negativity. When you recognize that antagonistic group are suffering aliases hurting successful immoderate way, it’s easier to not fto their words and actions trigger you. It’s easier to enactment connected your ain way erstwhile you cognize that nan negativity pinch which they speak is not nan truth. It is not your truth and it is not their truth, it’s a endurance mechanism. Simply having this knowing helps you spot antagonistic group successful a amended ray and arsenic a result, you are little affected.

3. Respond pinch empathy and compassion

Now that you understand why antagonistic group are nan measurement they are, you tin respond to them much thoughtfully and pinch much empathy and compassion. Most of nan clip erstwhile group are negative, particularly if you are dedicated to being a much affirmative happy person, it tin really get nether your skin. I cognize erstwhile I’m emotion really awesome astir life and I travel successful interaction pinch a antagonistic person, I get irritated aliases defensive. I want to drawback these group by their shoulders, shingle them, and scream, “Do you perceive yourself?! Do you perceive nan atrocious things you’re saying?! Why are you being truthful mean!? Why are you being truthful judgmental?!”

It’s truthful easy to fto antagonistic group little your temper and erstwhile that happens it tin beryllium beautiful frustrating. However, being alert of nan reasons why group are antagonistic gives you nan opportunity to respond pinch empathy and compassion alternatively of getting irritated and defensive.

For example, let’s opportunity you determine to constitute a book. It’s taken you years to summation nan assurance and courageousness to return nan leap. You are fired up and fresh to return connected nan publishing world. So, adjacent clip you spot your Grandma you excitedly stock your large plans and she responds, “You cognize really difficult it is to constitute a book? Even if you do constitute 1 nan chances of getting published are slim to none. And you’d beryllium really fortunate if you ever moreover sold one!” Instead of letting her negativity wholly crush your dreams causing you to respond pinch anger aliases go defensive, return a infinitesimal and think.

Maybe she’s ne'er seen personification win earlier and she’s acrophobic you’ll fail. Maybe she loves you truthful overmuch and doesn’t want you wounded and to deter you from taking nan consequence is her champion statement of defense. Then you tin say, ”Thank you for worrying astir me. I cognize penning a book is hard, but I’m consenting to do nan work. I’ll ne'er cognize if I ne'er try.” That’s truthful overmuch amended than getting angry, starting a fight, aliases emotion defeated. Next clip you comprehend personification arsenic being negative, put yourself successful their shoes and spot if location is simply a deeper meaning down their words and actions that will let you to respond pinch compassion.

4. Listen, rant, and agree

I precocious watched a Gabby Bernstein video, wherever she shared a awesome measurement to woody pinch antagonistic group who are complaining aliases going connected a pessimistic rant, and that was to listen, rant pinch them, and agree. When I first heard this, I was like, “Ummm what? I don’t want to provender into someones  antagonistic power for illustration that!” However, if done correctly, you won’t beryllium feeding their antagonistic power astatine all. You’ll really beryllium freeing them from it. 

For instance, if personification you cognize is perpetually complaining astir really tired and sick they consciousness and wrong each you tin deliberation is, “Duh, of course, you ever consciousness tired and sick you’re perpetually affirming it for yourself!” Instead of really saying that aliases offering solutions, conscionable say, ”It must beryllium really difficult to consciousness that tired each nan time. That really sucks that you consciousness truthful sick.” Notice that you’re not agreeing pinch their negativity by talking astir your ain issues, you are keeping nan attraction connected them.

This fundamentally reflects their negativity backmost to them, but not successful a mean way. It helps them to spot their business much intelligibly and past want to make a change. You’re not belittling their feelings, fighting pinch them, aliases trying to opportunity you person a amended measurement to lick their problems. You’re conscionable agreeing pinch really they consciousness astir their situation. Then they tin say, “Wow. This really is hard. This really does suck. I don’t want to consciousness this measurement anymore.” Simply listening and agreeing neutralizes nan business and you tin move guardant without ever having to get disconnected your positivity train.

5. Don’t return it personally

One of nan worst things you tin do erstwhile you brushwood antagonistic group is taking it personally. If you’ve publication immoderate of nan different tips above, you cognize that antagonistic group are fighting their ain battles and it has thing to do pinch you. If you’ve ever publication The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, past you cognize nan 2nd statement is “Don’t return thing personally.” Dealing pinch antagonistic group is nan champion clip to support that statement astatine nan forefront of your mind. Don explains that moreover if personification straight insults you, it’s still not astir you — it’s astir them.

For example, if 1 of your friends is really rude to you 1 time for seemingly nary reason, don’t instantly deliberation it’s because you must person said aliases done thing wrong. Realize that they must beryllium going done thing and it has thing to do pinch you. When personification is mean to america aliases insults america its quality quality to want to take sides ourselves. Or if you’re a delicate personification for illustration I am, you’ll consciousness attacked and want to retreat to protect yourself. It’s successful those moments that we person to recognize that immoderate nan different personification is emotion has everything to do pinch what’s going connected successful their mind and thing to do pinch us. 

Not taking thing personally, moreover nonstop insults aliases comments, will free you from unnecessary suffering. That does not mean it’s easy though, it decidedly takes believe and persistence to not fto different peoples actions impact our ain assurance aliases self-love. However, it’s truthful worthy it and it’s nan champion measurement to protect your happiness and positivity successful nan look of a antagonistic person.

6. Don’t blasted yourself

This 1 goes on pinch nan past one. While we don’t want to blasted others for nan measurement they make america feel, we besides don’t want to blasted ourselves for their negativity. We want to enactment distant from reasoning that nan logic personification is truthful mad, rude, depressed, sad, and mean is our responsibility successful immoderate way. If personification is successful a antagonistic mood, it’s because they allowed themselves to get to that place, consciously aliases subconsciously.

This 1 is particularly important erstwhile dealing pinch adjacent family and friends. We thin to interest much astir really our actions are affecting nan ones we emotion and erstwhile we deliberation we are astatine responsibility for putting personification successful a bad mood, we tin return it personally and blasted ourselves. Unless you intentionally tried to wounded personification you emotion aliases you cognize 110% that thing you did unintentionally wounded someone, don’t blasted yourself for personification else’s negativity.

7. Take an honorable look astatine yourself

Sometimes antagonistic group are triggering america for a reason. When a antagonistic personification is really getting nether your skin, return it arsenic an opportunity to uncover thing astir yourself. Is your guidance to this antagonistic personification sparkling a ray connected your ain judgments, assumptions, and insecurities? Is this personification really being that antagonistic aliases are you conscionable perceiving them that way? Take a infinitesimal to move nan attraction to yourself erstwhile you brushwood a antagonistic personification and look astatine it arsenic an opportunity for growth.

Ask yourself why is what this personification is saying aliases doing affecting maine truthful much? Maybe nan sheer truth of them being antagonistic is reflecting your ain negativity backmost to you and making you uncomfortable. If you really want to study to return a hard, honorable look astatine yourself — your judgments, assumptions, and insecurities — I highly urge reference Judgment Detox by Gabby Bernstein. She really shows you really to peel backmost your layers and past observe why definite people’s words aliases actions tin beryllium triggers.

8. Follow your way pinch passion

It’s really easy to fto different peoples antagonistic opinions sway you disconnected your path. Let’s beryllium honest, astir of nan clip it’s little for illustration a sway and much for illustration a beardown kick! Nobody wants to person their passions, dreams, ideas, aliases beliefs squashed by someone, moreover if that personification is trying to thief successful a roundabout measurement aliases facing struggles of their own. Even erstwhile you’re really bully astatine not accepting someones antagonistic energy, nan harsh stab of a critical, demeaning aliases rude sentiment is still painful. However, successful nan look of that pain, you person to support pursuing your ain way pinch passion! 

Every clip personification kicks you disconnected your path, get correct backmost on. Follow your passions, conflict for your dreams, make your ideas a reality, and guidelines up for your beliefs. Not pinch much negativity, anger, jealousy, aliases fear. But pinch dedication, excitement, hope, and love. A cardinal group tin sound you disconnected your path, but nan only personification who tin support you connected it is you. 

12 Ways for Dealing pinch Negative People

9. Protect your energy

I’m astir to get into immoderate “woo woo” stuff, truthful if that’s not your thing, skip ahead. Okay, location are a mates of metaphysical ways to protect your power from people’s antagonistic energy. One, you tin transportation aliases deterioration crystals. There are definite crystals and stones that are known for their expertise to sorb aliases deflect antagonistic energy. If you cognize you’re going spot personification whose negativity usually gets to you, deterioration a crystal necklace aliases put a crystal successful your pocket. If you’re funny astir crystals, cheque retired this awesome article connected 5 crystals that protect you from antagonistic energy.

Another point you tin do to protect your power is simply a small power medicine workout called The Zip Up. Running up nan beforehand of your assemblage is your cardinal meridian wherever each your chakras lineup. By pretending to zip up nan beforehand of your assemblage from your pelvic bony to your bottommost lip, you are fundamentally closing up your power truthful it can’t beryllium touched. I’ve utilized this method connected galore occasions and it really works. For a demonstration, check retired this video

10. Be nan astir affirmative personification successful nan room

Have you ever noticed really erstwhile you walk a batch of clip pinch a antagonistic person, you commencement to consciousness for illustration your power is virtually getting sucked retired of you – for illustration you consciousness a heaviness you can’t explain? On nan different hand, erstwhile you walk a batch of clip pinch a affirmative person, you consciousness happier and lighter?

Be nan astir affirmative personification successful nan room! Be nan ray that makes group happier, not nan acheronian that brings group down. The antagonistic group mightiness get irritated because your power is truthful different from theirs it makes them uncomfortable. They mightiness moreover opportunity aliases do thing to purposely effort to make you springiness successful to negativity truthful they consciousness much comfortable. Don’t springiness in! Eventually, they’re going to commencement feeding disconnected your power without moreover knowing it.

11. Have immoderate unsocial time

Another point you tin do if you find yourself surrounded by really antagonistic group aliases you’re pinch a antagonistic personification for a agelong play of clip — walk immoderate clip alone. Remove yourself from nan business aliases distant from nan antagonistic personification and find a safe spot wherever you tin beryllium each alone. Sit successful silence, meditate, read, aliases perceive to music, immoderate it takes to recharge and regroup. Remind yourself of who you are and what you believe.

Ask yourself if possibly there’s a logic why you mightiness beryllium emotion really triggered. Can you do thing to alteration your position and get backmost connected your path? Spending immoderate clip unsocial pinch conscionable your thoughts and your power tin beryllium really adjuvant if you consciousness inundated pinch antagonistic energy.

12. Take work for your ain positivity and happiness

You cannot trust connected others to ever beryllium affirmative truthful it’s easier for you to enactment that way. You person to return work for your ain positivity and happiness. It’s up to you to cultivate consciousness and mindfulness truthful you don’t respond to antagonistic group pinch negativity, but alternatively person abstraction to respond pinch emotion and compassion.  It’s up to you to uncover your ain wounds and heal them truthful you’re not easy triggered by others. It’s up to you to believe utilizing these tools, truthful they get easier and easier complete time. Take it upon yourself to protect your ain affirmative power and happiness.

In Summery

Being astir antagonistic group is not easy erstwhile you are connected a ngo to beryllium a kind, happy, affirmative person. It’s easier conscionable to springiness successful to nan negativity and conflict backmost pinch moreover much negativity, but we each cognize that only makes it worse. However, utilizing nan 12 tips for dealing pinch antagonistic people above, you’ll beryllium capable to protect yourself from negativity pinch kindness and love. You’ll beryllium capable to enactment connected your way and beryllium nan astir affirmative personification successful nan room, moreover erstwhile antagonistic group effort to bring you down. 

12 Ways to Deal pinch Negative People