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If you’re a mom of a toddler, chances are you don’t person a batch of clip (or energy) to navigator analyzable meals. Or, for illustration me, you dislike cooking and get freaked retired by recipes. Add successful dietary restrictions and picky eaters, and it’s capable to thrust you crazy. Let’s look it; sometimes, you request thing speedy and easy. But ne'er fearfulness – we’ve sewage you covered pinch 13 toddler meal ideas for moms who dislike cooking!

So spell up and bookmark this page afloat of nosy toddler meal ideas – you’ll beryllium gladsome you did nan adjacent clip you’re opinionated successful beforehand of nan fridge trying to fig retired what to make for breakfast.

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Kids crab croissant

Toddler Breakfast Tips and Tricks:

  • Plan ahead – Pick a time of nan week to scheme retired what you’ll beryllium serving for breakfast. Ensure you person each nan ingredients you request connected hand, truthful you’re not scrambling astatine nan past minute. Wash and pre-cut consequence and veggies. Hard-boil eggs. Make overnight oats aliases pancakes. Anything you tin do to make nan greeting little hectic and stressful.
  • Chose patient store-bought options – Eating processed nutrient is not ideal; however, immoderate patient store-bought foods make meal clip easier connected engaged mornings. For example, stiff waffles and instant oatmeal are awesome toddler meal ideas. Look for whole-grain, gluten-free, organic, nary added sugar, and minimal ingredients—some of my favourite brands: One Degree Organics and Vans Foods.
  • Choose value ingredients – Even if you’re not making thing from scratch, you tin still usage value ingredients to make a patient toddler breakfast. Choose beverage that is hormone and antibiotic-free aliases plant-based milk. Use existent maple syrup alternatively of pancake syrup. Buy integrated nutrient whenever possible. All those small things make a large difference.
  • Make it vegan – There are truthful galore vegan products in-store now, truthful location is nary logic for your vegan kid to miss retired connected immoderate meal classics. You tin get plant-based cheese, eggs, milk, etc.
  • Serve a variety – Don’t get stuck successful a toddler meal rut. If your kid is thing for illustration excavation was, they will get saturated of eating nan aforesaid point each day. Not to mention, it’s basal to springiness them a assortment of nutrients. The easy meal ideas beneath make it easy to operation things up!
  • Check if it’s age-appropriate – Make judge that nan repast ideas you effort are age-appropriate. For example, don’t springiness kids nether 1-year-old honey. Check that nan nutrient you connection is successful toddler-sized pieces. Also, enactment distant from thing that mightiness beryllium a choking hazard.
  • Make it fun – Use cooky cutters to make shapes retired of pancakes, toast, aliases eggs. Get imaginative pinch consequence and veggie toppings and build butterflies aliases smiley faces. Add nosy colors whenever possible. I emotion these rainbow sprinkles for a typical dainty each erstwhile successful and while. Anything to make it much breathtaking for them and you!
  • Get them involved – Let your kids thief you cook. My girl loves making smoothies and being nan 1 who gets to property each nan buttons! It is simply a awesome measurement to impact them and get them excited astir eating thing they helped make.
  • Keep it simple – Don’t effort to make elaborate toddler breakfasts. We each person different strengths arsenic mothers, and that’s okay! A toddler’s attraction span is short, and they’re much apt to eat if nan repast is simple. Plus, if being successful nan room isn’t your thing, don’t consciousness blameworthy if nan meals you make your kids are little than Pinterest-worthy.

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Keep reference to study 13 Toddler Breakfast Ideas for Moms Who Hate Cooking


Idea #1: Smoothie

Smoothies are 1 of my favourite toddler meal ideas because they’re quick, easy, and battalion tons of nutrients. Plus, astir toddlers emotion them!

You tin make a large batch of your toddler’s favourite smoothie astatine nan opening of nan week and shop them successful nan freezer if you’re short connected time. Then drawback 1 retired and fto it thaw while getting nan kids ready.

How to make nan cleanable toddler smoothie:

  1. Choose a base: water, beverage (I usage plant-based), aliases coconut water. Toddlers for illustration nan beverage action because it gives nan smoothie a sweeter sensation and thicker consistency.
  2. Add banana. Fresh aliases frozen. If your toddler has a banana allergy aliases sensitivity, you tin usage avocado, finely crushed oatmeal, seed butter, aliases yogurt to make a creamier texture.
  3. Add veggies. Fresh aliases frozen. I for illustration to sneak successful immoderate greens for illustration babe spinach aliases kale. But you tin besides usage carrots, beets, saccharine potatoes, aliases pumpkins. I put successful only 1 type of veggie to support nan flavors simple.
  4. Add fruit. Fresh aliases frozen. Sometimes my girl and I will take fruits based connected nan colour of smoothie she wants, for illustration stiff blueberries for a bluish smoothie aliases raspberries for a pinkish one. Choose your toddler’s favorites.
  5. Add immoderate extras. This measurement is optional. You tin make a nutritious and delicious smoothie utilizing only nan ingredients above. Or you tin adhd successful extras for illustration hemp hearts, flaxseed meal, macromolecule powder, aliases seed butter. Elements for illustration these will boost nan macromolecule and patient fat contented and make nan smoothie much filling.
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Toddler smoothie recipes from astir nan web:

  • Blueberry Constipation Smoothie
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
  • Kid-Friendly Green Smoothie
Three smoothie bowls

Idea #2: Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a nosy twist connected regular smoothies and different awesome toddler meal idea. Toddlers emotion nan texture of a smoothie bowl, and they tin eat it pinch a spoon – nary straw required! They’re besides cleanable for mornings erstwhile you person much clip to spare.

You tin moreover springiness them small cups pinch toppings to move connected themselves. It mightiness make for much of a mess, but it will beryllium nosy for them (and you mightiness get a fewer laughs).

Sidenote: You request to person a reasonably decent blender to make a bully smoothie bowl. I’ve tried to make 1 earlier successful a inexpensive blender, but it didn’t work. The smoothie was excessively thick, and it ended up blowing nan motor. Maybe it was conscionable a personification error, but it’s thing to consider. I ever urge a Vitamix blender.

How to make a yummy toddler smoothie bowl:

  1. Start pinch blending immoderate stiff consequence (no liquid yet) astatine nan bottommost of nan blender connected a debased speed. You tin take immoderate stiff consequence your toddler likes best.
  2. Add immoderate stiff bananas for a bully creamy texture.
  3. Next, adhd nan beverage of your prime small by little. Slowly summation nan velocity of your blender until nan smoothie is simply a bully thick, creamy consistency. Almond beverage is my daughter’s individual favorite.
  4. Next, adhd immoderate extras: macromolecule powder, peanut butter, etc. Blend until smooth.
  5. Scoop nan smoothie into a vessel and adhd toppings! Good smoothie vessel toppings see granola, shredded coconut, diced fruit, and chopped nuts. You tin moreover adhd immoderate patient sprinkles aliases cocoa chips to make it much enticing for your toddler.

Toddler smoothie vessel recipes from astir nan web:

  • Kid-Friendly Smoothie Bowl (Vegan, Paleo)
  • Animal and Rainbow Smoothie Bowls
  • Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl
Kids Oatmeal pinch Fox Face

Idea #3: Oatmeal

Oatmeal is simply a classical toddler meal nutrient for a logic – it’s easy to make, filling, and versatile. You tin make it saccharine aliases savory, and location are endless spirit combinations. Plus, it’s a awesome measurement to sneak successful immoderate nutritious extras for illustration consequence and macromolecule to make it a genuinely patient breakfast.

Instant oatmeal is 1 of my favourite meal ideas erstwhile I request thing quick, but you tin make it from scratch if you person a fewer minutes to spare.

How to make nan cleanable toddler oatmeal:

  1. Choose your oatmeal. I for illustration to spell for either instant oatmeal packs aliases speedy oats that I tin make connected nan stove. You tin get regular aliases gluten-free. I would be aware you not to usage steel-cut oats because they return a agelong clip to cook, and kids thin not to for illustration nan grainy texture.
  2. Prepare nan oatmeal according to nan package directions, whether stovetop aliases boiling water. You tin adhd a small milk, too, for a creamier consistency.
  3. Add successful extras. Toppings are wherever you tin get creative! You tin adhd caller aliases stiff fruit, peanut butter, macromolecule powder, crushed flaxseed, chia seeds, and spices. You tin besides adhd maple syrup, and if your toddler is complete 1 twelvemonth old, you tin adhd honey.

Toddler Oatmeal Recipes from astir nan web:

  • Surprise! Oats for Baby + Toddler
  • Chocolate and Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • Snickerdoodle Oatmeal
Yogurt successful a vessel pinch fruit

Idea #4: Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt parfaits are nan champion toddler meal if you are for illustration maine and want to combine thing and not person to navigator anything. Plus, they’re easy to make ahead, truthful you tin hole them successful a jar and drawback and spell erstwhile you request them!

They’re besides nan cleanable meal thought for mornings erstwhile you want to make thing quickly but still request to springiness your kid a decent breakfast.

How to combine a awesome toddler yogurt parfait:

  1. Choose your yogurt. My girl is vegan, truthful we for illustration to usage a coconut-based one. But you tin usage immoderate benignant you want; greek yogurt, goats-milk yogurt, and soy yogurt are much ideas.
  2. Add immoderate caller fruit. Remember to make judge each nan consequence is successful mini pieces for your toddler. My favourite consequence to adhd to yogurt is banana slices and berries.
  3. Add immoderate granola to nan top. Of course, customize it to your child’s preferences and dietary restrictions, specified arsenic utilizing gluten-free granola instead.
  4. Add immoderate extras. I for illustration to adhd immoderate chromatic to my daughter’s yogurt parfaits, but you could besides adhd cocoa chips aliases shredded coconut. You tin besides adhd a furniture of applesauce aliases jam.

Toddler yogurt parfait recipes from astir nan web:

  • Make-Ahead Fruit and Yogurt Parfait
  • Kid-Friendly Yogurt Parfait
  • Rainbow Fruit Yogurt Parfait
Kids Owl Toast

Idea #5: Toast aliases Bagel

This is different toddler meal thought that is ace easy to combine and doesn’t require you to cook. You tin do truthful galore different things pinch toast aliases a bagel – nan possibilities are endless.

Again, depending connected really aged your toddler is, you mightiness request to trim nan breadstuff into bite-sized pieces truthful they tin eat it easily.

How to make toddler toast aliases bagels:

  1. Toast nan breadstuff aliases bagel. Whether whole-wheat aliases gluten-free, you tin usage immoderate benignant of breadstuff aliases bagel you want. You tin moreover trim nan breadstuff into different shapes, for illustration a dinosaur aliases butterfly.
  2. Add immoderate spread. You tin do avocado, pick cheese, jelly, peanut butter, almond butter, aliases moreover regular aliases vegan butter.
  3. Add immoderate toppings. You tin adhd pome slices, diced strawberries, sliced banana, eggs, cheese, cocoa chips, and flax seeds.

Toddler toast and bagel recipes from astir nan web:

  • Kid-Friendly Avocado Toast
  • Bagel Fruit Pizza
  • Almond Butter + Banana Toast
French Toast Sticks pinch Fruit

Idea #6: French Toast

While we are connected nan taxable of toast, I thought I would see French toast arsenic its ain toddler meal idea. It’s a small much progressive than regular toast because it does impact a recipe, but it’s still beautiful easy to make.

So if you’re emotion adventurous and brave capable to navigator for your kids, this is simply a awesome option. And it’s a yummy meal that your kid is judge to love.

Sidenote: I americium not a cook. So I americium not going to thatch you really to make gallic toast. However, I will springiness you immoderate tips and tricks for making gallic toast toddler friends and nutritious.

How to make French toast for toddlers:

  1. You tin usage immoderate benignant of breadstuff (gluten-free, egg-free, etc.), but make it nosy by utilizing cooky cutters to make nan breadstuff into shapes, for illustration stars aliases hearts. If you’re successful a rush, conscionable trim nan breadstuff into strips to make gallic toast sticks.
  2. If your kid is vegan for illustration mine, you tin usage an ovum substitute for illustration Just Egg, plant-based milk, and vegan butter.
  3. Use existent maple syrup. Toddlers emotion dipping their toast successful syrup! Put it successful a mini instrumentality truthful your kids tin adhd arsenic overmuch aliases arsenic small arsenic they want.
  4. To adhd sweetness and nutrition, see immoderate caller consequence connected top, for illustration berries, bananas, aliases moreover applesauce. Banana gallic toast is simply a favourite for nan full family.

Kid’s French toast recipes from astir nan web:

  • Baby French Toast Sticks
  • Vegan French Toast Sticks
  • Lemon Vanilla Gluten-Free French Toast
Animal Face Pancakes

Idea #7: Pancakes aliases Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are different toddler meal thought that is judge to please. They are easy to make, and you tin moreover make them up of clip and frost them. Just put them successful nan toaster erstwhile you’re fresh to eat, and voila – meal is ready.

Also, location is nary shame successful getting store-bought stiff waffles aliases pancakes. My daughter’s favourite waffles are nan Vans Gluten-free Blueberry Waffles ( I emotion them too!)

How to make easy pancakes aliases waffles for your toddler:

  1. Get store-bought stiff pancakes aliases waffles (choose nan healthier brands!), aliases premake immoderate yourself and frost them to beryllium fresh for nan week.
  2. Toast nan stiff pancakes aliases waffles successful nan toaster.
  3. Add immoderate toppings. You tin do butter, jam, existent maple syrup, aliases caller fruit. My girl loves vegan food and jam connected her gluten-free blueberry waffles.

Toddler waffle and pancake recipes from astir nan web:

  • Healthy Toddler Mini Pancakes
  • Banana Oat + Blueberry Waffles
  • Vegan Banana Pancakes
Toast pinch sunny eggs

Idea #8: Eggs

Eggs are a awesome toddler meal thought because they are packed pinch macromolecule and nutrients. They are besides beautiful easy to make, though they require much effort than immoderate different toddler meal ideas.

You tin make scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, aliases sunny-side-up eggs. You tin do eggs pinch toast, eggs pinch fruit, aliases eggs pinch a smoothie.

My favourite action is an omelet. It gives you a chance to adhd successful immoderate veggies, and it’s a batch much nosy than conscionable plain scrambled eggs.

How to make an omelet for your toddler: 

  1. Use a mini omelet cookware aliases a regular-sized cookware and make mini omelets.
  2. Fill nan omelet pinch toddler-friendly fillings for illustration shredded cheese, diced turkey aliases tofu, and chopped veggies (broccoli, carrots, and doorbell peppers are bully options).
  3. Pre-chop nan veggies connected nan play truthful they are fresh to propulsion successful during nan week.

Toddler ovum meal recipes from astir nan web:

  • Cheese Omelets pinch Veggies
  • Baby Omelet Fingers
  • Vegan Omelet
Chia pudding pinch strawberries

Idea #9: Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is simply a awesome toddler meal thought because it tin beryllium made up of time, and it’s packed pinch nutrients. It’s besides beautiful easy to make, and you tin customize it pinch different flavors and toppings.

How to make chia pudding for your toddler:

  1. You person to make chia pudding up of clip to beryllium successful nan fridge overnight. So don’t hide that if you scheme connected putting this connected nan paper for nan week.
  2. Chia pudding consists of mixing together chia seeds and beverage (dairy aliases non-dairy) and past adding your desired flavorings. Some toddler-friendly chia pudding flavorings are cocoa powder, mashed banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and diced fruit.
  3. You tin besides apical chia pudding pinch toddler-friendly toppings for illustration granola, chopped nuts, diced fruit, and/or a dollop of yogurt.

Chia pudding recipes from astir nan web:

  • Banana Chia Pudding
  • Vanilla Chia Pudding for Kids
  • Toddler Chocolate + Chia Seed Pudding
Apples and peanut butter

Idea #10: Fruit and Dip

Look nary further than consequence and dip if you’re looking for an highly easy toddler meal idea. It doesn’t get overmuch simpler than that. And it’s a awesome measurement to get your toddler to eat immoderate fruit.

Once again, toddlers emotion dipping things, truthful this 1 is besides fun! Just trim up immoderate fruit, and put retired a dip for illustration a yogurt, cottage cheese, aliases seed butter. And that’s it. Breakfast is served.

How to make consequence and dip for your toddler:

  1. Cut up immoderate fruit. You tin do apple, pear, aliases peach slices. Also, strawberries and bananas are bully for dipping.
  2. Then, put retired a dip for illustration a yogurt, cottage cheese, seed butter, aliases honey. Or, for a typical treat, each toddler loves whipped cream!

 Toddler consequence and dip ideas from astir nan web:

  • Healthy Spiced Apple Dip for Toddlers
  • Berry Protein Dip
  • Honey Vanilla Cream Cheese Fruit Dip (Honey is only for babies complete 1 year)
Peanut food and banana atom cakes

Idea #11: Rice Cakes

A atom barroom toddler meal is different awesome thought that doesn’t require you to cook. It’s conscionable fundamentally different type of toast. Yay for america moms that don’t for illustration to cook!

You tin besides fto your kid make it. Just put retired immoderate kid-friendly toppings and fto them spell to town!

How to make atom cakes kids love:

  1. To make a atom barroom breakfast, you request to get immoderate atom cakes and put toppings connected them.
  2. Some bully toddler toppings for atom cakes are peanut butter, jelly, pick cheese, Nutella, bananas, and berries.

 Toddler atom barroom meal ideas from astir nan web:

  • Rice Cake Animals
  • Nutella Rice Cake
  • Fairy Rice Cakes
Four bowls of cereal and fruit

Idea #12: Cereal

Cereal is nan eventual toddler meal pinch hardly immoderate prep time. I judge it should beryllium utilized for meal sparingly because it’s not a patient meal per se. But it’s bully to cognize it’s ever location erstwhile we request a speedy meal idea!

Obviously, it’s champion to find a cereal debased successful sweetener and possibly moreover integrated aliases has immoderate different redeeming qualities.

Our favourite brands of cereal for toddlers:

  • Natures Path Organic Envirokidz
  • Love Grown
  • Three Wishes
  • Magic Spoon (only if your toddler eats dairy)
Kids snacks plate

Idea #13: Snack Plate

A snack sheet is simply a awesome toddler meal thought erstwhile you conscionable don’t person thing else, you’re successful a hurry, aliases you conscionable want to operation things up. I person a station astir healthy toddler snacks pinch tons of recipes you tin premake and person fresh for nan week.

What’s awesome astir these toddler repast ideas is that they tin beryllium utilized for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Healthy snack sheet meal ideas for toddlers:

  1. Fruits: apples, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, oranges, and melon.
  2. Vegetables: tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, carrots, doorbell peppers.
  3. Protein: hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, meat, seed butter, and hummus.
  4. Grains: toast, muffins, pretzels and crackers, cereal.
  5. Dairy (or non-dairy): yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, drawstring cheese.

There you person it!

13 toddler meal ideas for moms who dislike cooking! From chia pudding to atom cakes, there’s thing present for everyone. And nan champion portion is that they’re each speedy and easy to make. So get cooking (or not)!

What are your favourite toddler breakfasts?

Do you person immoderate nosy toddler meal ideas to adhd to nan list? Share successful nan comments below!