24 Best Darius Rucker Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

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Consider including Darius Rucker wedding songs playlist to adhd a touch of romance and ceremony to your large day. Wedding preparations tin beryllium stressful for intended brides and grooms-to-be.

Understandably, you’d want to make your large time memorable, from choosing nan wedding venue to finalizing nan impermanent list. However, your wedding would not beryllium complete without passionate music.

We admit that location are galore songs disposable for usage astatine a wedding. However, a fewer of them tin touch listeners’ hearts, leaving lasting memories successful their minds.In this article, you’ll person nan chance to take nan champion Darius Rucker songs for a beautiful experience.

Let’s return a look astatine these captivating tracks 1 by one.

24 Best Darius Rucker Wedding Songs

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1. Hold My Hand

Best Lyrics: With a small emotion and immoderate tenderness/We’ll locomotion upon nan water

For your first creation aliases while you speech your vows, you tin play this opus to person an friendly moment. “Hold My Hand” is simply a opus that conveys a connection of oneness betwixt couples, particularly erstwhile going done difficult times. 

2. One Love

Best Lyrics: Sunshine, connected nan horizon/Over 2 young lovers, while it’s going down

While this opus was primitively written by Bob Marley, Rucker’s type adds a casual vibe to it. The lyrics promote listeners to clasp unity and love, making nan opus cleanable for each moment. 

3. Alright

Best Lyrics: Ain’t sewage nary caviar, nary Dom Perignon/But arsenic acold arsenic I tin see, I sewage everything I want

This celebratory opus tin make a awesome effect astatine your ceremony, considering its catchy melody. The lyrics stress nan value of staying happy contempt nan challenges that life brings. 

4. Lost In You

Best Lyrics: And a grin I will retrieve for nan remainder of my life/How saccharine was your kiss

With a opus for illustration “Lost In You” playing successful nan background, you tin beryllium judge of having a magical experience. The opus speaks of a man who feels arsenic though he’s mislaid successful nan emotion of his woman, which you should find relatable. 

5. Las Vegas Nights

Best Lyrics: There she stands pinch her eyes afloat and yearning/I look/And I cognize gotta beryllium there

Looking for a opus that tin make your guests creation and beryllium merry? Choose “Las Vegas Nights”. It’s a lively opus pinch an upbeat hit and a catchy chorus that everyone tin singing on to. 

6. Love Will

Best Lyrics: When we can’t find a communal ground/When we can’t activity it out/Love will

“Love Will” conveys a elemental but powerful connection that relates to nan themes of weddings. The lyrics definitive really nan powerfulness of emotion tin flooded difficult times, making it a desirable opus choice.

7. If I Told You

Best Lyrics: Would you stay?/Would you leave?/I could wait/It’ll each travel retired eventually

For guests who don’t person capable words to definitive really they consciousness astir someone, this opus tin motivate them.

“If I Told You” is simply a soulful opus astir a man who loves a female but feels frightened to definitive his feelings. Listeners who person ever been successful emotion will subordinate to this opus connected a deeper level. 

8. Homegrown Honey

Best Lyrics: Everybody present looking New York pretty/But you’re nan kinda woman that’s sewage that something

This opus tin beryllium dedicated to nan bride to definitive admiration and appreciation for her. “Homegrown Honey” speaks of a man who has fallen caput complete heels for a beautiful, assured woman. He sees her arsenic being saccharine and pure, conscionable for illustration home-grown honey. 

9. I Will Wait

Best Lyrics: Needs to smell her, touch her hair/Say’s “I can’t beryllium without her”

With its simple, heartfelt lyrics and fantabulous vocals, “I Will Wait” will make a bully summation to your playlist. The lyrics perfectly picture nan feelings of loving personification and waiting for them to travel around. 

10. If I Had Wings

Best Lyrics: I’d look down from nan clouds, connected everything/then I could find each nan things we’ve been missin’

There’s thing unsocial astir “If I Had Wings” that would make you want to play it many times astatine your wedding. While it is not a emotion song, “If I Had Wings” has lyrics that resonate pinch listeners who are funny astir life.

11. History successful nan Making

Best Lyrics: Don’t move, babe don’t move/Aw look astatine you, I conscionable want to return this in

This romanticist opus tin make you retrieve nan first clip you fell successful emotion pinch your partner. It features a slow melody and elemental lyrics that tin create a lukewarm ambiance for you and everyone present. 

12. Hey Sister Pretty

Best Lyrics: Hey sister pretty, your lips are connected nan city/Everybodys waiting for nan honeymoon to end

In nan calm moments of nan ceremony, you tin play this fascinating opus to animate listeners. It explores nan analyzable quality of emotion and relationships, which galore group will understand. 

13. Time

Best Lyrics: Ride nan lows, pursuit nan highs/Fall successful emotion and emotion this life

In summation to its gentle melody, this opus has powerful lyrics that tin touch nan hearts of listeners. “Time” speaks of nan value of valuing each infinitesimal successful life because clip waits for nary one. 

14. Southern Style

Best Lyrics: Southern style, lukewarm and breezy/If you met her, man judge me/You’d want her to enactment a while

“Southern Style” is simply a feel-good opus that you tin play astatine nan wedding reception. It talks astir nan elemental things successful life that bring joy, including spending clip pinch loved ones. 

15. She’s Beautiful

Best Lyrics: Cause nan much I cognize nan much I request her/The much I emotion nan much I spot her heart

Consider choosing this opus for nan bridal entranceway to observe and admit nan bride connected her large day. “She’s Beautiful” is astir a beautiful woman pinch bully attributes, which serves arsenic a reminder that soul beauty is besides important. 

16. Goodbye

Best Lyrics: No, I conscionable want to touch you girl/I want to consciousness you adjacent to me

Dedicate “Goodbye” to your friends and family members to guarantee them of your unwavering emotion aft nan wedding. It’s an affectional opus that describes nan bittersweet feelings that travel pinch separation from a loved one. 

17. It Won’t Be Like This For Long

Best Lyrics: One time soon that small woman is gonna be/All grown up and gone/Yeah this shape is gonna alert by

“It Won’t Be Like This For Long” will beryllium a cleanable fresh for nan father-daughter dance. The opus emphasizes cherishing each infinitesimal pinch one’s children because they’ll time off someday. 

18. Desert Mountain Showdown

Best Lyrics: You’ve sewage to seizure maine to group maine free/I flew connected nan wings of a bird

Encourage your guests to show disconnected their dancing skills and person nosy by playing this song. Desert Mountain Showdown has uplifting lyrics and a driving hit that will infuse nan ambiance pinch affirmative vibes. 

19. Hold On

Best Lyrics: It won’t beryllium excessively long, girl/Find retired wherever you belong

While “Hold On” is not a emotion song, it conveys a powerful connection that tin motivate guests astatine your ceremony. The opus encourages listeners to ne'er springiness up, nary matter nan challenges that travel their way.  

20. So I Sang

Best Lyrics: First clip we kissed, she whispered, “I emotion you”/But I wasn’t brave capable to opportunity I loved her too

When location aren’t capable words to definitive oneself, euphony tin do nan magic. “So I Sang” testifies to nan powerfulness of euphony successful different situations, making it an perfect prime for nan bridal entranceway aliases recessional. 

21 Wild One

Best Lyrics: Girl, you are nan 1 who’s changing my measurement of life./I’m tired of coating nan municipality pinch ladies

This upbeat opus has an uplifting connection that everyone coming will beryllium capable to subordinate to. The lyrics talk astir accepting one’s imperfections and being pinch a person who besides accepts them. 

22. This

Best Lyrics: Got a babe woman sleepin’ successful my bedroom/And her momma laughing successful my arms

“This” tin make you visualize a beautiful early arsenic you and your partner person your first dance. The opus is astir nan transformative powerfulness of emotion and is simply a reminder that it is important to ever definitive gratitude. 

23. Only Wanna Be pinch You

Best Lyrics: You and me, we travel from different worlds/You for illustration to laughter astatine maine erstwhile I look astatine different girls

This slow, romanticist opus will beryllium cleanable for nan first dance, cocktail hour, dinner, aliases exit song. “Only Wanna Be With You” is simply a declaration of emotion and semipermanent committedness to a partner. 

24. For nan First Time

Best Lyrics: When was nan past clip you did thing for nan first time?/Yeah yeah, fto yourself go, travel connected travel that feeling

“For nan First Time” beautifully captures nan happiness you consciousness connected your wedding day. The opus describes nan feelings of excitement that travel pinch trying thing for nan first time. 

Final Thoughts

Darius Rucker wedding songs are perfect for each moment, including your first dance, father-daughter dance, and reception party. 

This astonishing singer’s opus has a chopped and reassuring value that will infuse your ceremonial pinch love, romance, and energy. 

Take your clip listening to each opus and picking those that will make nan wedding ceremony genuinely unique. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Music Should I Have astatine My Wedding?

Preferably, take nan benignant of euphony that will create a romanticist ambiance for you and your guests. Play immoderate inheritance euphony for astir 30 minutes arsenic your guests statesman to participate nan wedding venue.

Ensure nan songs are slow and soothing, and debar large euphony to create nan cleanable atmosphere. 

Is It Important to Have a DJ astatine a Wedding?

While it is not mandatory to prosecute a DJ for a wedding ceremony, it is not a bad thought to person 1 around.

The DJ has a measurement of adding a touch of charm and power to wedding ceremonies. They besides person a measurement of relating to guests to create an breathtaking ambiance for them. 

Does nan Father of nan Bride Speak First Or Last?

Ideally, nan begetter of nan bride speaks first, mostly earlier dinner. He acknowledges and welcomes nan groom’s family and everyone present.

Afterward, he whitethorn determine to stock a short communicative astir nan newlyweds earlier raising a toast to them.