30 Disney Wedding Songs to Make Your Day Magical

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Most group see weddings arsenic their favourite ceremony of love. But, ideate a wedding scenery pinch immoderate of nan champion songs from Disney to group nan ambiance for your wedding? The emotion is surreal! 

Disney has a magical clasp connected almost everyone, and nan assortment of genres and tunes of Disney makes Disney wedding songs moreover much enchanting. What amended measurement is location to make your wedding magical and unforgettable if it isn’t Disney? Not truthful galore if location are any. 

For your wedding, we put together nan champion of Disney songs that transcends time. These songs are different successful tempo and rhythm, which makes 1 Disney opus disposable for almost each moment. Sit backmost and relax; it’s going to beryllium a awesome read. 

30 Enchanting Disney Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

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Here is simply a postulation of immoderate of nan champion Disney songs you tin usage for your wedding. 

1. “A Whole New World” from Aladdin

Memorable Lyrics: “A full caller world, a dazzling spot I ne'er knew”

This portion was first heard successful nan 1992 Aladdin animated version, and it captures nan breathtaking escapade lovers embark on. 

The duet betwixt 2 beautiful voices makes nan opus magical. It’s perfect for nan first creation arsenic a couple, aliases if you and your partner would for illustration to do thing much interesting, you tin singing on to each other.

2. “Can You Feel nan Love Tonight” from Elton John (The Lion King)

Memorable Lyrics: “Can you consciousness nan emotion tonight? It is wherever we are”

This heartfelt ballad speaks of a benignant of emotion that blooms contempt nan odds. It’s a awesome prime for calm moments for illustration nan couple’s dance, wedding dinner, aliases a inheritance opus during nan cocktail party.

3. “Beauty and nan Beast” from Beauty and nan Beast

Memorable Lyrics: “Tale arsenic aged arsenic time, existent arsenic it tin be”

If you retrieve nan crippled of nan movie, you will understand good really emotion transforms group to beryllium a amended type of themselves. The opus has an aura that is cleanable for nan couple’s first creation aliases arsenic a expansive entranceway song.

4. “Someday, My Prince Will Come” from Snow White

Memorable Lyrics: “Someday my prince will come, Someday we’ll meet again, And distant to his castle, we’ll go, To beryllium happy everlastingly I know”

The movie shows Snow White fantasizing astir her Prince Charming. This romanticist ballad is awesome for your first creation arsenic a couple, aliases to group a fairytale-like ambiance for your wedding.

5. “I See nan Light”from Tangled

Memorable Lyrics: “All astatine once, everything is different now that I spot you”

The lyrics of this opus show really falling successful emotion tin alteration your position connected a batch of things. It has a awesome hit that makes it cleanable for a couple’s infinitesimal and first dance.

6. “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella

Memorable Lyrics: “No matter really your bosom is grieving, If you support connected believing, The dream that you wish will travel true”

Watching nan first versions of Cinderella painted imagination and romance for truthful galore people. Just for illustration nan communicative of nan movie, nan opus speaks of dream and a agleam ray astatine nan extremity of nan passageway signifying that somehow, dreams are valid and they do travel through. 

The opus is awesome for immoderate calm moment. However, it’s champion for romanticist mates moments.

7. “True Love’s Kiss”from Enchanted

Memorable Lyrics: “I’ve been dreamin’ of a existent love’s kiss, And a prince I’m hopin’ comes pinch this”

This opus is each astir existent love’s kiss. The opus is romantic, truthful it is an perfect prime for your first creation arsenic a couple.

8. “So This Is Love” from Cinderella 

Memorable Lyrics: “So this is nan occurrence that I’ve been dreaming of”

The affectional lyrics of this opus and its saccharine slow-paced tempo make it a awesome prime for slow-dancing.

9. “Never Knew I Needed” from The Princess and The Frog

Memorable Lyrics: “You’re nan champion point I Never Knew I Needed, So erstwhile you were present I had nary idea”

This opus was performed by nan Hip-Hop creator Ne-Yo. It has nan cleanable tempo for nan couple’s first creation and entrance. 

10. “Love Is an Open Door” from Frozen

Memorable Lyrics: “Love is an unfastened door, emotion is an unfastened door, pinch you”

This opus has immoderate power to it, truthful it’s a awesome prime for adding immoderate nosy to your wedding. A duet of nan opus will make nan ambiance much relaxing.

11. “You’ll Be successful My Heart” from Tarzan

Memorable Lyrics: “You’ll beryllium successful my heart, nary matter what they say”

This opus speaks of a benignant of emotion that stays and waxes done trying times. The tempo makes it versatile, truthful it tin travel successful immoderate clip connected your wedding day. 

12. “Kiss nan Girl” from The Little Mermaid

Memorable Lyrics: “Sha-la-la-la-la-la, my, oh, my, look astatine nan boy excessively shy, he ain’t gonna buss nan girl”

After listening to this way aliases watching nan movie, you tin attest astir nan ‘life’ that nan opus brings. This opus sets a joyful atmosphere, and it tin get your guests cackling successful minutes.

13. “I’m Wishing/One Song” from Snow White and nan Seven Dwarfs

Memorable Lyrics: “I’m wishing (I’m wishing), For nan 1 I love, To find maine (to find me), Today (today)”

This opus is nan first opus Snow White sang successful nan movie. It is emotional, and it is awesome arsenic a inheritance opus to group a cool ambiance.

14. “Bella Notte” from Lady and nan Tramp

Memorable Lyrics: “Oh, this is nan night, it’s a beautiful night”

This portion has an Italian touch, making it unsocial and typical arsenic it is sweet. It’s a portion of awesome euphony earlier nan reception, cocktail party, aliases during nan wedding dinner.

15. “Love” from Robin Hood

Memorable Lyrics: “Love, it seems for illustration only yesterday, you were conscionable a kid astatine play”

This opus sets a relaxed ambiance for your guests to bask earlier nan wedding ceremonial aliases reception begins.

16. “You’ve Got a Friend successful Me” from Toy Story

Memorable Lyrics: “You’ve sewage a friend successful me, you sewage troubles, I’ve sewage ’em too, location isn’t thing I wouldn’t do for you, we instrumentality together and spot it through”

This classical speaks of friendship, a shape that should beryllium betwixt couples too. It would beryllium a awesome fresh for swaying during nan reception.

17. “Married Life” from Up

This way has an affectional and saccharine consciousness to it. If you are yet to find a bully instrumental for your creation aliases different important mates moments during your wedding, this opus is worthy giving it a try.

18. “When You Wish Upon a Star” from Pinocchio

Memorable Lyrics: “When you wish upon a star, your dreams travel true”

One of nan reasons everyone loves classics is because they transcend time. This 1940 classical still evokes nan aforesaid nostalgic effect arsenic it did decades ago. It’s a awesome prime for typical mates moments.

19. “It Only Takes A Moment”from Wall-E

Memorable Lyrics: “It only takes a moment. For your eyes to meet and then. Your bosom knows successful a moment. You will ne'er beryllium unsocial again”

If robots do understand what emotion is each astir and tin singing them successful words, there’s nary uncertainty you’ll understand it more.

20. “Best Of Friends”from The Fox and The Hound

Memorable Lyrics: “When you’re nan champion of friends. Having truthful overmuch nosy together. You’re not moreover alert you’re specified a funny pair. You’re nan champion of friends”

This opus is astir friendship, but that’s not what makes it unique. It is romanticist and not arsenic popular, truthful nan chances of couples having nan aforesaid entranceway aliases couple’s creation opus arsenic you is slim. So if you want thing typical connected your day, you shouldn’t skip this piece.

21. “Something There” from Beauty and nan Beast

Memorable Lyrics: “There’s thing saccharine and almost kind, but he was mean, and he was coarse and unrefined”

Most times, astir group recovered emotion erstwhile they were ne'er trying to, and successful places they ne'er expected. If your emotion communicative started this way, past this is nan cleanable opus to show nan world really you came to this point.

22. “Lava” from Lava Short

Memorable Lyrics: “The earth, sea, and entity up supra will nonstop maine personification to lava” 

The opus is simply a ukulele opus that you astir decidedly would autumn successful emotion with. And if you still judge wishes don’t travel true, possibly you should watch this movie and perceive to this on again.

23. “If I Never Knew You” from Pocahontas

Memorable Lyrics: “If I ne'er knew you. If I ne'er felt this love. I would person nary inkling of. How precious life tin be”

This opus wasn’t included successful nan existent movie upon its original merchandise but was added successful for nan 2005 re-release of nan film. A unsocial first creation choice, this passionate opus will beryllium a cleanable summation to your wedding day.

24. “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from The Lion King

Memorable Lyrics: “Oh, I conscionable can’t hold to beryllium king”

The opus is energetic and has a playful feel. If you are reasoning of spicing up your statement pinch immoderate nosy activity, this opus should make your prime list.

25. “Ever Ever After “ from Enchanted

Memorable Lyrics: “To ever ever after. Forever could moreover commencement coming (happily). Ever ever aft (ever after, ever after)”

Enchanted is 1 of nan top modern Disney movies, and this opus is simply a cleanable inclusion for your typical day. It harps connected love, affection, and nan reasonably communicative “happy ever after” ending.

26. “Bib bidi-Bobbidi-Boo” from Cinderella

Memorable Lyrics: “Salagadoola mechicka boola bib bidi-bobbidi-boo”

Language is not a obstruction to bully sound, and this opus says each astir this! It’s champion for romanticist and magical moments during Ideal for a whimsical and magical mates infinitesimal during nan wedding.

27. “Love Will Find a Way” from The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

Memorable Lyrics: “In you and I, there’s a caller land, angels successful flight”

This opus is emotional, slow-paced, and touching, and nan lyrics talk of a emotion that thrives sloppy of nan situation. The song’s qualities make it perfect for almost each programme of your wedding.

28. “A Pirate’s Life” from Peter Pan 

Memorable Lyrics: “A pirate’s life is simply a awesome life, a-rovin’ complete nan sea”

If you want thing different, adventurous, and retired of nan norm for your large day, this opus should apical your database of choices. A imaginative enactment to brace pinch nan opus will wow your guests.

29. “Out There” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame 

Memorable Lyrics: “All my life, I wonderment really it feels to walk a day, not supra them”

This opus has a soothing and relaxing tempo that makes it versatile. Regardless of erstwhile you want it to travel in, “Out There” will guidelines retired anytime.

30. “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty

Memorable Lyrics: “Once upon a dream, I cognize you, I walked pinch you erstwhile upon a dream“

The dreamy, sweet, and romanticist hit will return you to a world of hearts and emotion almost immediately. It is simply a awesome prime for romanticist moments and for a fantasy-like wedding feel.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of nan taxable aliases ambiance you want to bespeak for your wedding, remainder assured that location are respective Disney songs of different styles for different moments to make your large time moreover bigger.

Never hide that though Disney songs springiness your wedding a fairytale feel, astir of these songs are copyrighted. Ensure you get each nan needed permissions earlier you usage them successful public.


Here are immoderate questions group inquire often astir Disney wedding songs

What Else Do I Need to Know About Disney Songs for Weddings?

Most of Disney’s songs are copyrighted, truthful you mightiness request typical licenses for nationalist usage of their songs. To beryllium connected nan safe side, you should cheque their website for nan policies of nan songs you take to use. This will prevention you from trouble. 

Can I Make a Mix of Disney Songs to Suit My Wedding Style?

Sure, you tin do that. You tin activity pinch producers and DJs to make your choices activity perfectly pinch your wedding style. 

Are There Instrumental Versions of Disney Songs? 

Yes, location are respective of them connected nan internet. However, if you can’t find that of your prime song, you tin get an instrumentalist to do a cover, aliases personification other to extract nan instruments of nan song.