8 easy ways to fill in a garden pond

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The logic to capable successful a plot pond whitethorn beryllium for personal, safety, artistic visibility, among galore others. No matter nan reason, location will beryllium a solution present for you.

Fill successful nan spread near by your pond pinch ample rocks, followed by gravel and loose dirt. This will guarantee that minimal settling of nan crushed occurs, and gives you a caller spot of crushed to do thing caller with.


While this is nan easiest method, location are respective disposable to you, truthful we’ll spell complete a fewer of them and explicate nan pros and cons to thief you make nan champion prime for your yard!

Draining nan Pond

Regardless of nan measurement you take to capable your pond, you’re going to person to commencement by draining nan h2o out of nan spread earlier you tin capable it.


When draining a mini pond, location are 2 methods: with a pump and without a pump. If you person a pump pinch nan pond, simply link your hose to nan discharge outlet and it will pump nan h2o out. Make judge to drain nan h2o into a bucket aliases a adjacent drain to support nan opinionated h2o that has been successful nan pond from sitting successful your yard.

If you do not person a pump, you tin usage a plot hose! Place 1 extremity successful nan bottommost of nan pond and spot nan different extremity successful nan bucket aliases drain you’ve chosen. Once you cognize wherever you want nan h2o to go, you will request to siphon nan water. The easiest measurement to do this is to usage your rima and suck connected nan hose until nan h2o is flowing.

Spit retired immoderate h2o that whitethorn travel into your rima while doing this. Once nan h2o is flowing, nan h2o will proceed to travel until nan extremity successful nan pond reaches air.


This decidedly isn’t nan easiest measurement and there’s a bully chance you’re going to get pond h2o successful your mouth.

If that doesn’t sound appealing, but you’re still not wanting to walk money connected a pump, you tin ever just usage a smaller instrumentality to drain nan h2o 1 bucket astatine a time. This is nan astir clip consuming option, but if you’re trying to prevention money and debar getting aged pond h2o successful your mouth, it’s astir apt your champion option.

Last, but surely not least, nan wet vac, aliases shop vac. These vaccums tin grip liquids, and they’re you’re much apt to ain 1 of these than you are a h2o pump. Just suck up nan h2o til nan instrumentality is half-way to three-quarters full, quiet it, and repetition until nan h2o has been removed from nan pond.

The shop vac is simply a awesome action for you to usage if the pond is old, and has debris successful it that mightiness clog up a normal h2o pump. The suction is much apt to support nan statement clear, and it’s already connected to a postulation container, arsenic opposed to spewing bedewed trash into your yard.

Once nan h2o has been drained, you are going to return retired immoderate liners, rocks, aliases cement that is successful nan bottommost of nan pond. This will let nan h2o to wholly drain erstwhile it is filled and h2o will not statesman pooling.

If it is not imaginable to return retired nan full thing, slicing holes aliases making cracks to thief nan h2o drain tin besides work, however, that is not recommended, and it tin origin potholes to shape successful that area years down nan road.

Rocks and Soil

The easiest measurement to capable successful a pond is pinch rocks and soil. By placing rocks successful first, you will request little ungraded to capable successful nan hole. One agelong word problem that whitethorn originate pinch this solution is nan crushed settling complete time. As nan crushed endures upwind and ft traffic, nan crushed will settee causing nan rocks to descend down.

One measurement to debar this is to compact nan rocks and ungraded down arsenic overmuch arsenic you tin successful nan beginning. This will time off little room for it to settee down.


During acold winters, nan crushed whitethorn compact and nan rocks could get pushed together, causing nan crushed to go uneven. Keep successful mind that nary matter what you do, whenever you capable a ample area pinch dirt, location will beryllium immoderate settling and crushed alteration complete clip that you will request to reside down nan road.

The champion measurement to minimize this effect is to perpetually h2o down nan area aft you’ve filled it, which will thief nan ungraded settee into nan cracks betwixt nan rocks much quickly, This will make it easier for you to place nan areas that will settee early on.

Clay Based Soil

There are definite areas that person much clay successful their soil. If this is nan lawsuit for you, utilizing a substance of clay and ungraded tin lucifer what is already location and let for a seamless transition.

Clay has a higher complaint of description and contraction than regular ungraded does erstwhile it’s exposed to precocious power aliases water, which is why nan ungraded creation for filling your spread would beryllium thing you would want to see if your gait has a precocious clay concentration.


Gardening Soil

Depending connected nan location of your aged pond, filling it could beryllium nan cleanable opportunity to works a garden, aliases conception a flowerbed! Fill nan spread pinch a substance of farming soil, regular ungraded to thief support nan moisture contented down, and gravel to thief pinch drainage.

Water nan area down frequently, and time off it for a fewer weeks to springiness nan area clip to settle. After astir a month, you should beryllium bully to go, and nan area will beryllium prepped for planting!

Hot Tub

This only qualifies arsenic an easy action because there’s a bully chance personification other will beryllium doing nan work! Depending connected nan location nan pond was in, an in-ground basking tub (or a pool) could beryllium a awesome summation to your yard, since nan spread will already beryllium there.

This is surely 1 of nan much costly options, but it is besides 1 of nan astir enjoyable! While nan perks of this action are obvious, nan awesome con is that you will proceed to person upkeep for what is fundamentally conscionable a different benignant of h2o installation successful your hard, which includes each nan upkeep and acquisition of labour and materials that would travel pinch it.


Sand Box

If you’re a family pinch immoderate mini kids, you could put a sandbox successful nan area wherever nan pond utilized it be! Whether you decided to build your own, aliases acquisition 1 to spot successful nan ground, having a spread already dug would make nan modulation from pond to sandbox overmuch easier.

Before turning nan area into a sandbox, make judge nan spread has been emptied of pond water, nan liner, and immoderate rocks and fixtures you had. We want nan crushed to beryllium wholly barren earlier you put thing caller successful nan hole.

Once you’ve done this, you tin either acquisition a sandbox to spot successful nan hole, aliases you tin make 1 yourself. You could simply bargain a caller liner to support nan soil from mixing into nan dirt, and capable nan area pinch sand.

The edges of nan liner would request to beryllium secured successful immoderate way, truthful you could decorate nan rim of nan sandpit pinch thing for illustration bricks. This would not only beryllium a bully measurement to decorate nan area, but it would supply a small spot of a windshield, which would thief support excessively overmuch of nan soil from blowing away.

In-Ground Trampoline

Understandably, your pond astir apt wasn’t trampoline sized. However, if you’re reasoning astir filling your aged pond, it ne'er hurts to see what you could usage that spread for earlier you capable it and recognize you request to excavation different one. An in-ground trampoline is simply a cleanable illustration of thing that could spell successful that hole!

If you person kids that are wanting a trampoline, in-ground trampolines are becoming progressively celebrated pinch parents. Your kids can’t really autumn disconnected of them, since nan separator is level pinch nan ground. They’re besides cleanable for really breezy areas, wherever above-ground trampolines are prone to getting flipped complete your neighbor’s fences during upwind storms.


A character could beryllium nan cleanable point to capable your aged pond hole! There are a number of debased attraction trees and bushes that wouldn’t return overmuch of your attention, and nan guidelines strategy would return up a bully information of nan hole, leaving a smaller magnitude for you to fill.

The vegetation would besides do a bully occupation of hiding nan crushed arsenic it settled, making it a much aesthetically pleasing option. Japanese Maples, Magnolias, Azaleas, a Burning Bush, and nan Chinese Elm are each great, debased attraction options pinch gorgeous foliage.