Can a Pond Pump Be TOO Powerful?

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A pump is simply a must for immoderate pond owner. However, location mightiness beryllium a anticipation that your pump is doing it’s occupation a small excessively well.

Your pump astir apt has excessively overmuch unit down it if your pond h2o is muddy aliases if your waterfall geysers alternatively than falls. This tin hap if nan unit valve connected nan pump is turned up excessively precocious aliases if you person nan incorrect type of pump for your pond size.


There are galore imaginable reasons arsenic to why aliases really your pond pump mightiness beryllium excessively powerful. Here are a fewer to consider.

What to Look For

The problem mightiness beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic having your pump’s unit group excessively high. This will summation nan velocity and powerfulness of nan travel which will perpetually operation up nan h2o and nan pond furniture which makes for soiled water. This tin besides create issues for vegetation which could beryllium yanked retired aliases pulled nether nan water. It tin besides origin problems for your fish.

The pump could beryllium having a bad time and malfunctioning arsenic well. Constant overpowered travel tin lead to impeller harm and large noises. It is besides imaginable that you purchased nan incorrect type of pump for nan size of pond you have.

A fewer telltale signs of this peculiar problem are messy, stirred up water, aliases a waterfall that has excessively overmuch powerfulness down it. If nan h2o shoots up alternatively than falls gently, your pump is decidedly not suited for your h2o feature.


You whitethorn besides announcement that your pond seems to beryllium losing a batch of h2o connected a regular basis. This is different broadside effect of nan incorrect type of pump. If nan travel is excessively powerful (especially for a waterfall) this results successful a higher level of splashing which will origin h2o loss. This rumor tin beryllium wasteful and costly if not remedied quickly.


You should astir apt pay attraction to gushing noises aliases different large noises that nan pump could beryllium making. If it is making a batch of sound aliases creating a immense messiness of your h2o and plants, you should get it replaced arsenic soon arsenic possible. This is different area wherever expenses whitethorn fuss you.

A larger pump requires a larger magnitude of power to run. You do not want to beryllium utilizing much power than you request to. That will wounded your wallet for sure.

Solving nan Problem

To each problem location is simply a solution. The first point you whitethorn want to effort is checking for a unit valve aliases accommodation knob. Not each pumps travel pinch these but galore do, and if yours does, effort lowering nan unit level. This will relax your pond’s travel and hopefully let things to spell backmost to normal.

If adjusting nan unit fails, see adding a waterfall weir. This is simply a vessel that will thief slow nan output and dispersed h2o complete a larger area. It will alteration nan velocity and unit down your waterfall jet. If you already person one, you could see replacing yours pinch a wider 1 that will beryllium much effective.

If each other fails, region nan pump and do immoderate research, arsenic it is very imaginable you grabbed nan incorrect exemplary astatine nan store. If you are unsure arsenic to what your circumstantial needs mightiness be, see calling an master aliases a knowledgeable friend who could thief you out.

If your pump is excessively ample for your pond, it will astir decidedly beryllium causing immoderate travel issues. Also, if you person had beardown travel for excessively long, it could person caused damage, truthful make judge you cheque for harm earlier doing thing else.

Here are a fewer bully rules to consider: you want to cipher what type of pump you request by tubing size, caput height, assistance height, h2o volume, and pump type. Pump types are either submersible aliases outer (also referred to arsenic centrifugal).

If your pond has a measurement of little than 1,000 gallons, you will astir apt want to opt for a submersible pump. For ponds pinch a measurement adjacent to aliases greater than 1,000 gallons, an outer pump is nan amended option.


Here is simply a database of a fewer models that should beryllium considered and tin beryllium recovered connected Amazon (FYI – we whitethorn person a committee connected qualifying purchases astatine nary other costs to you. Thanks!):


Head tallness and assistance tallness mention to 1.) how precocious your pump shoots h2o into nan air, and 2.) how acold nan pump has to propulsion h2o from its source. Typically for caput height, a maximum of 18 feet is simply a bully number to purpose for. For lift, nan h2o root cannot typically beryllium much than 25 feet beneath nan pump’s halfway line. (

Pump Maintenance

Keeping your pump cleanable and functioning good is 1 of nan champion ways to guarantee that it does not malfunction aliases origin you problems. Obviously you want to instrumentality to immoderate nan users manual says, but present are a fewer tips for bully pond pump maintenance.


You will want to return your pump retired regularly and cleanable it well. Routinely taking isolated the skimmer and debris nett will thief support it working. Check nan filtration systems for clogs. This is important; if your pump is clogged, it will origin nan pump to activity excessively difficult and yet unopen it down.


Once you person cleaned each nan important parts of nan pump, you should cheque your h2o level. A pump that runs barren is conscionable arsenic bad arsenic a clogged pump. The deficiency of h2o circulating done it will origin it to pain retired a batch faster than if it was moving properly. If nan h2o level is precocious capable but it’s still not getting to nan pump, it is apt that location is thing successful nan pond preventing nan h2o from circulating.

Check for clogs aliases ample pieces of debris that mightiness beryllium blocking h2o from nan pump.