Can You Add Cement On Top Of Pond Liner?

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A pond liner is simply a heavy plastic lining that helps support nan h2o successful your pond and keeps it from getting really muddy. Sadly, because it is bladed integrative it tin beryllium ripped from animals wrong nan pond, aliases crisp rocks and character roots underneath it.

Adding cement, mortar, aliases actual complete nan apical of a pond liner will adhd spot and durability to nan pond liner. Adding that other furniture complete nan apical of nan integrative will besides let you to usage a broader assortment of decorations and plants.

There are a assortment of measurement and strategies disposable to thief adhd spot and longevity to your pond liner. There are besides bully ways to screen up, hide, and protect your pond liner truthful that your pond tin look nan champion and past nan longest.


How to Add Concrete Over Your Pond Liner

After you person smoothed retired nan crushed beneath your pond liner to support it from being ripped by rocks aliases roots underneath, and sewage your pond liner successful place, you tin adhd concrete, mortar, aliases cement complete nan top. This will protect that mini integrative liner from being ripped by thing from works roots to webbed duck feet and different animal interactions.

  • Step #1 – Begin by mixing together nan mortar aliases cement. Normally, this is astir 3 parts soil to only each 1 portion of cement. Cement sticks really good to integrative truthful hopefully it will spell well. You want a heavy mud aliases oatmeal consistency earlier you begin.
  • Step #2 – Apply nan mortar to nan apical of nan integrative liner, utilizing a mason trowel to get it level and arsenic soft arsenic possible. Make it astir 1 inch thick.
  • Step #3 – Press rocks, create shelves aliases placement for plants into nan mortar truthful that is is firmly group astatine nan edges and bottommost of your pond. Add much mortar betwixt rocks to thief them instrumentality together and beryllium much secure.
  • Step #4 – Let nan cement barren for astatine slightest 24 hours, and past use a cement sealant and hold a bully 24 hours for it to dry.
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Placing cement, mortar, aliases actual complete nan apical of nan pond liner tin beryllium beneficial if you scheme connected having ample animals successful nan pond, aliases if you conscionable want other protection for your pond liner. Be judge to fto nan actual cure for a week aliases 2 earlier filling nan pond pinch h2o and make judge nan actual is safe for nan watery situation it will beryllium in.

Hiding nan Edges of Your Pond Liner

Often times nan pond liner that you person isn’t nan astir charismatic point for nan earthy h2o characteristic look you were going for. It shows astir nan edges arsenic a large black blob that tin beryllium difficult to screen up. Putting gravel complete nan apical of it could supply a impermanent fix, but if nan rainfall is difficult past it washes it distant and nan achromatic comes sparkling backmost astatine you.

A bully measurement to lick this problem is to mortar rocks on broadside nan edges and let portion of them to bent complete nan extremity of nan pond. This tin beryllium done successful a mates easy steps.


  • Step #1 – Drain nan pond h2o down a mates inches from nan apical to springiness you plentifulness of room to activity pinch nan apical separator of nan pond. Scrub it clean, and free it of each ungraded and debris. Make judge location are not immoderate food successful nan pond who could beryllium exposed to immoderate debris from nan process.
  • Step #2 – Mix nan Mortar and h2o together arsenic explained connected nan mortar bag. You will want it to beryllium nan consistency of heavy oatmeal aliases pancake batter. It should beryllium spreadable, but still tin of holding its ain shape.
  • Step #3 – Spread nan mortar on nan separator of nan pond liner, only doing sections astatine a clip truthful that it doesn’t barren to fast. It should beryllium astir 3/8 of an inch thick.
  • Step #4 – Get boulders fresh for placement and arsenic you laic mortar down property each chromatic down into nan mortar, holding it for astir 30 seconds to guarantee to sticks.
  • Step #5 – Begin placing much rocks and mortar intimately together until you person completed placing them astir nan desired separator of nan pond (or nan full pond).
  • Step #6 – Get a ligament brushwood aliases trowel and soft disconnected each nan mortar that has squeezed retired of nan cracks.
  • Step #7 – Allow nan mortar to barren for up to 24 hours, while watering it down occasionally to guarantee it cures decently and arsenic beardown arsenic possible.
  • Step #8 – Doing this could adhd a precocious contented of lime to your pond water, which tin termination fish. This tin beryllium counteracted by refilling nan pond pinch caller water, aliases adding achromatic vinegar and other h2o and fto it beryllium for astir 10 days earlier placing fish.

Creating this small ledge astir nan pond will thief to conceal that disfigured pond liner and will springiness nan bully germs you request much places to turn arsenic good arsenic providing food wrong nan immoderate spots of shadiness it it gets sunny. Often times, group usage flagstone to execute this, but really you tin usage thing which goes pinch your taxable and fits sticks to nan mortar.


Other Ways to Add Strength to Pond Liners

Aside from putting cement complete nan apical of your liner, you tin do different things to thief support it from being torn, a batch of which are beautiful easy and besides supply different benefits that actual whitethorn aliases whitethorn not.

  • Old Pond Liners – A really bully measurement to adhd other protection to your caller pond liner is to just time off your aged location and effort to spot immoderate existent large holes. Leaving it location provides other padding for things beneath nan aboveground and tin thief pinch prevention of rips made wrong nan pond.
  • Rocks/ Gravel – Rocks tin make for a awesome ornamental worldly and tin beryllium placed without mortar aliases pinch it. Gravel is really adjuvant arsenic it will clasp down nan pond liner and create mini faucets wherever bully germs tin grow.
  • Geotextile – Geotextile simply put is cloth put successful nan ground. It helps to summation nan stableness of nan soil and prevents erosion. Adding this complete nan apical of your pond liner will besides adhd protection and alteration damage.

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