Can You Fill a Pool with a Fire Hydrant? Is It Legal? 

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Your excavation is officially unfastened for different season, but it’s besides moving debased connected water. You dislike utilizing nan plot hose to refill nan pool, arsenic it takes everlastingly to get nan h2o levels right. Can’t you usage thing much businesslike specified arsenic a occurrence hydrant? 

You tin technically capable a excavation pinch a occurrence hydrant but doing truthful apt illegal. It’s besides dangerous, arsenic nan h2o that gushes retired of nan hydrant comes retired astatine a precocious complaint of unit and flow, pinch h2o flowing astatine a complaint of astir 500 gallons per minute. 

We dream this article will alteration your mind if you’re still reasoning astir filling your swimming excavation pinch a occurrence hydrant. We’ll talk nan risks of filling your excavation this measurement and urge immoderate smarter, much ineligible options instead.

Let’s dive correct successful and reappraisal why you shouldn’t usage a occurrence hydrant to capable your swimming pool. 

It’s Not arsenic Convenient arsenic You Think

Unless you person a occurrence hydrant correct extracurricular your property, nan convenience facet of utilizing a hydrant to capable your excavation vanishes.

Even if you were adjacent to a hydrant for illustration that, your excavation isn’t successful nan beforehand gait but successful nan backyard. How will you get h2o from nan occurrence hydrant successful your beforehand gait to your excavation successful nan back?

In a bucket? You’ll recognize successful conscionable a fewer paragraphs why that won’t work. 

Whatever h2o you miss pinch your h2o postulation method will travel each complete nan street, perchance saturating your gait pinch h2o and apt leaking onto nan neighbors’ properties arsenic well.

To opportunity you won’t beryllium nan astir celebrated neighbour connected nan thoroughfare feels for illustration a tremendous understatement! 

If you don’t person a occurrence hydrant successful beforehand of your location but up nan block, you’re only expanding nan consequence of nan h2o going anyplace but your swimming pool.

That’s not moreover to mention that you’re wasting a batch of h2o for illustration this. 

It’s Illegal

If you’re still not wholly convinced, fto america make it wholly clear that your projected activity is illegal. 

Your metropolis aliases municipality doesn’t person occurrence hydrants for nan mean civilian to use. Rather, nan hydrants are location for nan occurrence department. 

So technically, erstwhile you usage nan h2o proviso for thing arsenic extraneous arsenic filling your pool, you’re stealing water. 

That’s not a crime to return lightly! In California, for instance, you’re charged pinch a misdemeanor for h2o theft. You could person to salary a $1,000 good and walk up to a twelvemonth successful region jail!

Do you still deliberation it’s worthy it to usage a occurrence hydrant to capable your swimming pool? 

It’s Dangerous

You’re besides putting your wellness and wellbeing astatine consequence erstwhile you bargain h2o from a occurrence hydrant. 

The h2o that comes retired of nan hydrant moves incredibly fast. As we mentioned successful nan intro, nan travel complaint starts arsenic debased arsenic 500 gallons per infinitesimal done 1,500 gpm. 

If you person 100 feet of hose line, 500 gpm of h2o will travel astatine a complaint of 15.5 pounds per quadrate inch of pressure. The complaint of unit increases arsenic nan gpm does. 

Have you ever been blasted by 15.5 PSI of pressure? It doesn’t sound for illustration overmuch until you’re deed pinch it unexpectedly. 

You could extremity up rather wounded trying to capable your swimming excavation this way! 

It’s Difficult

The region betwixt your location and nan nearest occurrence hydrant notwithstanding, do you cognize really difficult it is to unfastened a occurrence hydrant? Especially if you usage immoderate devices you want alternatively than nan due ones for nan job?

Here’s different question. Do you cognize really difficult it is to adjacent a occurrence hydrant? 

Not only could you find yourself stressing and straining to unfastened a hydrant if you determine to do it yourself, but you consequence damaging nan occurrence hydrant by utilizing nan incorrect tools. 

The adjacent clip nan occurrence section needs to usage that h2o for its intended purpose–putting retired fires–they mightiness not beryllium capable to owed to your tinkering. 

Is Fire Hydrant Water Even Clean?

Another mobility whitethorn linger successful your mind arsenic you statesman pondering your options for filling a swimming pool. 

How cleanable is occurrence hydrant water, anyway?

Very clean, actually! Fire hydrants link to nan aforesaid h2o distribution halfway that produces nan h2o from your taps. If you consciousness comfortable drinking aliases bathing successful that water, past you’d consciousness nan aforesaid pinch occurrence hydrant water.

Please don’t return that arsenic an inducement to usage nan h2o illegally! It isn’t! 

What Is nan Best Way to Fill a Pool pinch Water?

If nan plot hose method leaves you staring astatine nan clock, wondering erstwhile your excavation will yet fill, that’s acold from your only option. To dissuade you from illegally utilizing a occurrence hydrant, effort these faster methods instead.

Ask nan Fire Department

Here’s nan point astir firefighters – we’re usually happy to thief if you only inquire us! 

We can’t guarantee that your occurrence section will connection this service, but immoderate will travel to your location and administer h2o from a occurrence hydrant into your pool. 

It’s conscionable for illustration what you wanted to do, isolated from it’s done decently and legally. 

We urge contacting your occurrence section by telephone and requesting nan service. The earlier successful nan excavation play you tin ask, nan likelier will get a affirmative response. 

If capable homeowners inquire for this service, nan occurrence section will person nary prime but to move you down. Remember, nan h2o successful nan hydrants isn’t location for your excavation but for putting retired fires, truthful there’s only truthful overmuch to spell around.

You’re besides likelier to get refused if your area has precocious knowledgeable galore fires.    

Hire a Water Delivery Service

If your occurrence section said no, don’t despair. You tin besides look into a h2o transportation service.

Here’s really it works. The excavation transportation work will carrier capable h2o via motortruck (or respective trucks) to capable your full swimming pool. They’ll backmost up nan truck, dump nan h2o in, and voila, your excavation is full.


Filling a excavation pinch a occurrence hydrant is illegal. You’re taking distant h2o that nan occurrence section needs to combat fires, and you could extremity up damaging nan occurrence hydrant successful nan interim.

This summer, debar nan fines and nan misdemeanor charges. Contact your occurrence section to spot if they tin commandeer nan occurrence hydrant instead. If not, usage a h2o transportation work aliases a good, old-fashioned farming hose.