Catholic Wedding Songs For Your Holy Union – 26 Sacred Melodies Of Love

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Everyone looks guardant to nan time they’ll get hinged to nan emotion of their lives. So while we work together that weddings are joyous occasions, having nan correct songs connected your discography is what makes a wedding better.

If you are a personification of faith, aliases champion put, a Catholic, choosing wedding songs that align pinch your religion is arsenic important arsenic readying your wedding. But, really does 1 take a fewer songs erstwhile there’s a plethora of options?

In this article, we’ve curated a database of immoderate of nan astir beautiful Catholic wedding songs and hymnals that will adhd colour to your wedding.

26 Catholic Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

From modern hymns and songs to classics that transcend time, present are immoderate of nan champion Catholic songs pinch beautiful lyrics to make your wedding moreover much memorable.

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1. “Canon successful D” by Pachelbel

This masterpiece will ever apical nan database of wedding songs because only a fewer songs will provoke a akin effect to this all-time classic!

After complete 300 years of existence, this opus still touches each soul. It leaves a heartwarming feeling, truthful it is perfect for nan bride to locomotion down nan aisle with.

2. “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace” by Sebastian Temple

Memorable Lyrics: “Where location is hatred, fto maine bring your love…”

This opus is much of a prayer, arsenic it is simply a plea to beryllium messengers of peace, love, and hope. It’s awesome for nan wedding processional during nan ceremony.

3. “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert

Memorable Lyrics: “Ave Maria, Gratia plena, Maria, Gratia plena…”

This classical has been astir for ages, yet, it seems caller and heavenly each time. The opus recognizes and honors nan Virgin Mary. It is champion for moments that request everyone to beryllium calmer, much reflective, and reverent during nan wedding ceremony.

4. “Wedding March” by Felix Mendelssohn

This is different classical that has been astir for arsenic agelong arsenic location are weddings.

Getting instrumentalists to play nan opus will make nan acquisition moreover better.

5. “Panis Angelicus” by César Franck

Memorable Lyrics: “Panis Angelicus fresh panis hominum…”

This Latin hymn gives grant to nan Lordship and authority of Christ. As christianity weddings usually person a conception wherever nan leader gives nan beatified communion to nan couple, this opus is cleanable for nan communion program, aliases reflective sessions.

6. “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli

Memorable Lyrics: “Lead america to a place, guideline america pinch your grace…”

This song, successful nan astir beautiful voices, shows nan couple’s request to beryllium led and guided done matrimony life. It is primitively a duet, truthful arsenic a suggestion, you tin get group pinch astonishing voices to execute live.

7. “Meditation From Thaïs” by Jules Massenet

This classical opera is almost perfect. It is cleanable for nan wedding processional.

8. “I Will Follow Him” by Little Peggy March

Memorable Lyrics: “I will travel him, travel him wherever he whitethorn go…”

This joyful opus has been astir for decades, and it is truthful enjoyable. The opus celebrates nan dedication to travel Christ done one’s travel connected earth. It’s champion for a joyful infinitesimal during nan ceremony, aliases for a inheritance opus to entertain guests arsenic they arrive.

9. “You Are Mine” by David Haas

Memorable Lyrics: “I will travel to you successful nan silence, I will assistance you from each your fear…”

Allegiance and devotion travel pinch being married, and this modern masterpiece paints nan correct picture. It shows nan devotion each mates should person for 1 another, and really they’ll upwind immoderate storms that travel together.

10. “On Eagle’s Wings” by Michael Joncas

Memorable Lyrics: “And He will raise you up connected eagle’s wings…“

This opus reminds nan mates of really God is capable to provide, attraction for, protect his children, and thief them soar. It’s champion for nan wedding ceremony.

11. “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” – Robert Robinson

Memorable Lyrics: “Here’s my heart. Oh, return and seal it. Seal it for thy courts above”

The opus is truthful affectional that it could create a crying spree arsenic nan bride walks down nan aisle. 

12. “Grow Old With Me” by John Lennon

Memorable Lyrics: “Grow aged on pinch me, nan champion is yet to be…”

The tempo and hit of this opus are akin to immoderate Catholic songs, but this opus is not 1 for religion unless you instrumentality only to nan instrumentals. This beautiful portion captures what a mates wants erstwhile they autumn successful love— to turn aged together.

13. “Gift of Finest Wheat” by Robert E. Kreutz

Memorable Lyrics: “You who fulfill nan quiet bosom pinch nan gift of finest wheat…”

This opus speaks astir each forms of nourishment beyond communion, which is simply a gift from God.

14. “Angel” by Casting Crowns

Memorable Lyrics: “I’d still beryllium here. Holding you. When thanking heaven. For my angel”

This is simply a calm and gentle modern wedding opus that shows nan extent of emotion betwixt 2 people. It’s cleanable for nan speech of vows, aliases nan first creation during nan reception.

15. “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Memorable Lyrics: “I will beryllium present erstwhile you consciousness for illustration being quiet…”

This euphony talks astir nan couple’s devotion and committedness to 1 different contempt nan challenges they mightiness beryllium facing individually. It’s champion for nan speech of vows, aliases playing successful nan inheritance during nan wedding ceremony.

16. “A Nuptial Blessing” – Michael Joncas

Memorable Lyrics: “May God bless you, hold, and support you. May God’s mercy radiance connected you, guideline your work, and defender your resting, support your emotion everlastingly new.

17. “Here I Am, Lord” by Dan Schutte

Memorable Lyrics: “Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord? I person heard you calling successful nan night...”

A opus that shows full submission of nan couple’s will to God, and to reply and do His bidding whenever He asks. It is champion for reflective moments during nan ceremony.

18. “Lead Me, Lord” by Samuel Sebastian Wesley

Memorable Lyrics: “Lead me, Lord, lead maine successful thy righteousness…”

A dream hymn that asks God to return nan lead successful their marriage, and done nan way of righteousness and truth. It’s champion for a reflective infinitesimal during nan wedding ceremony.

19. “One Bread, One Body” by John Foley

Memorable Lyrics: “One bread, 1 body, 1 Lord of all…“

This opus is simply a testament to nan oneness successful nan assemblage of Christ which is nan church. The opus is awesome arsenic nan opening hymnal/song aft nan bridal procession.

20. “Taste and See” by James E. Moore Jr.

Memorable Lyrics: “Taste and spot nan goodness of nan Lord…”

This opus is simply a telephone for everyone coming to acquisition God’s goodness. It is simply a bully opus for nan wide beatified communion, arsenic it involves nan information of a batch of people.

21. “O God Beyond All Praising” by Michael Perry

Memorable Lyrics: “O God beyond each praising, we believe you today…”

The hit and tempo of this hymn make it champion for nan wedding procession, and for nan bride to locomotion down nan aisle.

22. “Be Thou My Vision” by Audrey Assad

Memorable Lyrics: “Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart. Naught beryllium each other to me, prevention that Thou art. Thou my champion thought, by time aliases by night. Waking aliases sleeping, Thy beingness my light”

Audrey’s type of nan Irish hymn is truthful delectable and amazingly beautiful.  Her adorable sound coupled pinch nan calm strings makes nan opus perfect for nan wedding procession.

23. “Set Me arsenic a Seal” by Rene Clausen

Memorable Lyrics: “Set maine arsenic a seal upon your heart, arsenic a seal upon your arm…”

This opus is much of a declaration of emotion and devotion of nan mates to each other. It’s cleanable for exchanging vows, exchanging rings, and immoderate different mates moments during nan ceremony. 

24. “Tantum Ergo” by St. Thomas Aquinas

Memorable Lyrics: “Tantum ergo Sacramentum veneremur cernui…”

This is simply a Latin hymn. It is champion for communion aliases nan inheritance opus arsenic nan officiating leader blesses nan mates and their guests earlier nan adjacent of nan ceremony.

25. “I Have Loved You” by Michael Joncas

Memorable Lyrics: “I person loved you pinch an everlasting love…”

“I Have Loved You” shows God’s everlasting emotion for his children, a type of emotion that nan mates should emulate. It is perfect for reflective moments, aliases mates moments during nan ceremony.

26. “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” by Henry van Dyke

Memorable Lyrics: “Joyful, joyful we adore thee, God of glory, Lord of love…”

This is simply a celebrated hymn that brings joyousness to nan listeners and life to nan ceremony. The fast-paced type of this opus would get everyone dancing.

Final Thoughts

Choosing nan champion songs for a Catholic-themed wedding ceremonial mightiness beryllium a spot different, arsenic it needs your attraction much truthful you don’t extremity up choosing a profane song.

But whether you take hymns aliases much vibrant melodies, these songs will bespeak your religion and devotion, and make your time memorable.

Also, it’ll thief if you retrieve that different wedding rules mightiness clasp for different parishes successful different locations. This implies that you person to get conversant pinch nan practices and guidelines if you are successful a caller parish. That way, you’ll person an unforgettable and hitch-free wedding. 


Here are immoderate of nan astir often asked questions astir christianity wedding songs.

What types of songs tin I usage for my Catholic wedding?

There are truthful galore songs you tin take from for a Catholic-themed wedding. These songs scope from classical Christian songs to aged and modern belief hymns, hymn instrumentals, and truthful on.

As agelong arsenic these songs do not infringe connected nan Catholic doctrine, you are good.

Is it mandatory to person a choir aliases set for a Catholic-themed wedding?

No, it’s not. However, having a choir makes nan songs much alive, and of course, glorious.

Can we see secular aliases non-religious songs successful a Catholic wedding?

Most times, it is not imaginable arsenic astir Catholic parishes are strict pinch nan benignant of songs they licence successful their parish.

However, immoderate parishes whitethorn let very decent secular songs. It would beryllium champion if you checked pinch nan leader days earlier nan wedding ceremonial for support truthful you don’t break immoderate rules.

Can I usage immoderate opus lyrics, theme, aliases tempo for a Catholic-themed wedding?

Well, to an extent. However, you must ever retrieve that immoderate songs you choose, they must not beryllium retired of place, and must align pinch nan kinds accepted astatine Catholic-themed weddings.