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If you’re looking to purchase a caller brace of boots, it is apt that nan marque “Clarks” has consistently appeared arsenic an evident option.

The institution is wide recognized arsenic a leader successful nan marketplace for various styles of boots, making nan action from their extended postulation difficult.

In nan aforesaid way, it’s adjacent to intolerable to place the quality betwixt their best-selling Bushacre 2 and Bushacre 3 astatine first glance.

So, to supply a broad study of nan important distinctions betwixt these 2 Clarks icons, we person compared some models. Let’s not discarded immoderate much clip and get started:

Similarities and Differences betwixt Bushacre 2 Vs 3:

FeaturesBushacre 2Bushacre 3
Launched in20052010
StabilityStableMore Stable
FlexibilityLess FlexibleMore Flexible
Sizing7.5-15 for Men only7-13.5 for Men only
Weight2 oz.4 oz.
CushionModerate CushioningHigh Cushioning
OutsoleCrepe/ RubberRubber
MidsoleFull atom leatherHard, Vulcanized rubber 
Retail Price$45-$100$57-$150

Clarks Bushacre 2 VS 3: Good, Bad, and nan Worst:

To take an perfect option, fto america analyse nan main differences and shared features betwixt these 2 types of boots.

1) Comfort:

The Clarks Bushacre 2 is equipped pinch a crepe sole, constructed from a pliable and resilient rubber compound that offers fantabulous flexibility.

Crepe rubber utilized successful this exemplary is classified arsenic a “coagulated latex, indicating its inherent characteristic of possessing a textured appearance, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but besides providing a precocious level of comfort.

Additionally, these boots person a cushioned insole and padded tongue, which heighten their comfortableness for prolonged periods.

Nevertheless, group who are accustomed to Goodyear welted boots that are meticulously crafted pinch aggregate layers of vegetable-tanned leather whitethorn notice nan foam worldly is somewhat unstable underfoot.

On nan different hand, successful Bushacre 3 nan marque prioritizes comfortableness arsenic nan astir important aspect. The model’s sole is made of difficult rubber which makes it much long-lasting and provides nan wearer pinch a better grip connected bedewed floors.

Furthermore, its footwear container and tags are elaborate pinch branding elements that beforehand nan “Extreme Comfort System” and nan midsole has been marketed arsenic nan “Comfort Chassis.”

However, these boots person a shank, which is simply a rigid portion of worldly successful nan insole, for amended stability, but it won’t consciousness very solid.

So, if one’s penchant is sneaker-like comfort, nan Bushacre 3 would beryllium considered a amended option. However, for individuals who prioritize the patient support typically associated pinch accepted boots, it whitethorn not align pinch their requirements.

2) Popularity:

Clarks employed highly skilled manner designers to guarantee that nan Bushacre 2 and 3 statement up pinch modern manner trends while maintaining a timeless appeal that ensures their enduring fame.

Moreover, the affordability of these models contributes to their wide fame connected a world scale.

3) Running:

The stiffness successful nan precocious and outsole of Bushacre 2 mightiness lend to trouble successful moving arsenic it makes them less responsive.

Bushacre 2 Top View And Outsole

Bushacre 3 Outsole

In nan aforesaid way, pinch Bushacre 3, location is minimal support and crushed contact owed to nan operation of a rubber outsole and a heavy OrthoLite layer. So, you’ll consciousness uneasy while running speedily aliases agelong distances successful them.

4) Walking:

Bushacre 3 mostly offers greater forefoot elasticity compared to nan erstwhile 1 which is astir required while walking.

The exemplary besides has improved traction, arsenic its outsole worldly is people more gripping and little apt to descent connected uneven surfaces. Still, this doesn’t mean that these boots tin grip a heavy-duty locomotion because they were made to beryllium worn casually. 

Conversely, indulging successful activities specified arsenic walking short distances aliases doing errands while wearing nan Bushacre 2 is besides a reliable action owed to nan enhanced easiness of activity and non-restricted stride they connection nan wearer.

5) Flat Feet:

I would not counsel nan Bushacre 2 for anyone pinch level feet because of nan inadequate fit arsenic good arsenic delicate soles, truthful these are unsuitable for this circumstantial ft condition. Additionally, nan boots do not person a shank, frankincense an orthopedic insert is recommended if you person level feet.

In contrast, pinch respect to its practicality, the Bushacre 3 offers a scope of wide sizes to accommodate group pinch level feet who require a wider fit. It besides features nan contour comfortableness footbed, which stabilizes nan arch and helps to debar overpronation.

6) Design:

Clarks Bushacre 2 and 3 employment premium materials successful their construction; however, they only disagree successful position of nan precocious material

The leather utilized successful Bushacre 2 is highly resilient and enduring, giving exceptional guidance to deterioration and tear. Also, leather possesses a refined and blase look, so nan Bushacre 2 tin beryllium an optimal action for general events.

In addition, this footwear exemplary provides better h2o resistance, which besides makes it a suitable action for rainy and moist environments

Conversely, due to nan usage of suede successful nan Bushacre 3, it has a softer texture and a much casual look, arsenic it is derived from the rear extremity of a hide. Suede has little h2o guidance compared to leather and tin show increased susceptibility to stains, however, nan exertion of suede protection tin minimize these concerns.

The Bushacre 3 is decidedly nan champion action if you intend connected wearing them for agelong periods; particularly for group who struggle pinch nan benignant of ft symptom that is caused by wearing “boots”. 

In general, Clarks Bushacre 2 and 3 show impressive attraction to detail successful their designs. Both models grounds a high grade of resilience and longevity pinch their circumstantial materials; yet, they person chopped features that make them more due for peculiar uses.

What do customers think?

The Clarks Bushacre 2 and 3 have thousands of customer reviews connected nan internet, astir of them were akin to my constituent of view, but location were a fewer different arsenic well.  

The Bushacre 2 appears to beryllium pleasant for mundane use, however, galore reviewers for illustration nan rubber sole complete nan crepe for regular wear.

A mini number of customers moreover said that nan darker rubber sole made nan shoes look a spot much general so they tin beryllium worn astatine events.

However, a fewer buyers person reported being capable to usage them comfortably successful bedewed areas. It is besides recommended by them to deterioration these shoes pinch be aware successful slippery conditions because of nan deficiency of a tread shape on nan outsole.

Reviewers did not urge wearing these boots each time aliases in basking weather, but they are proven to beryllium awesome for mean to little temperatures.

Lastly, a mates of clients reported discomfort caused by nan leather rubbing against their skin excessively.

On nan different hand, group emotion nan Bushacre 3 arsenic a pair of casual, mundane boots for errands, and hanging out, successful nan city. 

Moreover, galore clients observed that the precocious worldly of nan boots is prone to scuffing, thereby showing moreover insignificant flaws, however, others did not mind this and deliberation it gives them a much lived-in look.

Some reviewers mentioned that the sole collapsed from nan apical aft only a short while, and others highlighted that nan low-quality laces ripped very soon. This could beryllium a manufacturing fault, though, since astir group deterioration their Bushacre 3 for years without immoderate problems.

A fistful of shoppers, however, voiced concerns that the shoes would beryllium excessively ample moreover aft sizing down.


The Clarks Bushacre 2 and Bushacre 3 are renowned for their elasticity arsenic comfortable, fashionable, and durable casual men’s boots. 

In nan end, some of these options can beryllium categorized nether nan aforesaid style, namely “Casual Chukka Boots”, which are astir aesthetically pleasing erstwhile paired pinch informal evening and play outfits. 

The primary difference betwixt nan 2 variants lies successful their style and fit. The Bushacre 2 exhibits a classical and accepted look, while nan Bushacre 3 showcases a somewhat much contemporary and sleek appearance.

Taking everything into account, we would propose opting for the Bushacre 2 if you intend to deterioration your boots frequently, including to nan agency aliases regularly for illustration 2-3 times per week. 

However, the Bushacre 3 has a fewer advancements compared to its predecessor, nan Bushacre 2. It isn’t easy to find comparable value offered by nan Bushacre 3 within its commendable value range, which lasts for galore years, moreover pinch small maintenance.