Does Walmart Drug Test New Hires?

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Getting hired for an entry-level position is usually a very elemental process because there’s nary request to person extended qualifications aliases person a way grounds of akin work. Yet for galore people, applying for a basal occupation astatine Walmart brings pinch it 1 awesome interest – “Does Walmart supplier trial caller hires successful 2023?”

Walmart’s existent supplier testing argumentation requires a supplier trial for definite safety-sensitive positions. But for nan mostly of hourly paid subordinate positions, passing a pre-hire supplier trial won’t beryllium necessary.

Walmart is nan world’s largest retailer and a immense employer.

With a bully moving situation and competitory salary and benefits, nan institution attracts waves of occupation seekers each year.

In this guide, we’ll spell complete who, why, and erstwhile Walmart supplier tests, and we’ll show you which type of trial they use, and if they do supplier tests during interviews, aliases astatine orientation.

Does Walmart Drug Test At Orientation successful 2023?

Does Walmart Drug Test

Walmart conducts pre-hire supplier testing for immoderate subordinate positions and astir managerial roles. Employees are besides taxable to supplier tests during nan people of their employment nether definite conditions.

When you use for a occupation pinch Walmart, you will person to walk a supplier trial if your domiciled will require you to run vulnerable machinery aliases equipment, thrust a vehicle, activity successful nan pharmacy, aliases transportation retired information functions.

For example, immoderate departments, including nan deli section and nan car shop, will require a supplier test, while applying for a occupation connected nan checkouts aliases stocking shelves won’t.

We’ve compiled a fuller database a small little down nan page.

The different times you whitethorn request to return a supplier trial are if you use for a promotion to a managerial position, are suspected of being nether nan power of drugs, aliases are progressive successful an mishap astatine work.

During your predisposition session, you’ll person various institution policies explained to you, including Walmart’s supplier and intoxicant usage policy.

Then you’ll motion your employment contract, which acknowledges that you’ve been informed of nan policies and work together to abide by them.

Do They Use Urine Or Saliva?

If you’re asked to return a supplier trial arsenic a Walmart worker aliases occupation applicant, nan supplier trial they usage is simply a urine test.

Walmart doesn’t supplier trial in-house, they nonstop you to a adjacent session wherever you’ll springiness your sample.

When you return nan test, you’ll beryllium fixed a mini cup and directed to a bathroom.

Fill nan cup to nan required level arsenic you urinate, past manus nan cup containing your urine sample to nan technician.

They will cheque nan somesthesia of your urine to make judge you haven’t diluted nan sample. Then nan sample is sealed successful your beingness and you’ll motion a shape to corroborate nan sealing of nan concatenation for custody purposes.

At nan lab, your urine sample will beryllium tested for communal drugs, including

  • Opiates
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

When Do They Drug Test?

Walmart carries retired supplier testing during its pre-employment checks for immoderate applicants and erstwhile an worker is being promoted to a managerial position.

They don’t trial you astatine your interview, but you’ll request to return a supplier trial soon afterward if they determine to prosecute you.

Employees tin besides expect to acquisition a supplier trial if location is logic to fishy that an subordinate is nether nan power of narcotics aliases alcohol.

Drug testing whitethorn besides return spot if you’ve been progressive successful an mishap astatine work.

Pre-employment Drug Testing At Walmart

Pre-employment Drug Testing At Walmart

If nan domiciled you’ve applied for is 1 that requires a supplier test, you’ll beryllium asked to return a supplier trial aft you person received and accepted a conditional connection of employment.

Conditional offers of employment are often made correct away, truthful don’t make an exertion unless you cognize you’ll walk nan test.

Here’s a script for you.

You capable successful an online exertion for a deli occupation successful nan morning. After lunch, you get a telephone to schedule an interview. One hr later, you’re talking pinch nan hiring head astatine nan store. She describes nan occupation requirements, tells you nan salary and nan hours, and asks you if you want nan job. You opportunity yes.

Now you’ve sewage a conditional occupation offer, and it happened conscionable a fewer hours aft you first applied.

Once a occupation connection is connected nan table, Walmart carries retired its pre-employment checks, which see a Wal-Mart inheritance check and if nan position requires it, a supplier test.

To Work In These Walmart Departments, You’ll Need To Pass A Drug Test

You’ll request to walk a supplier trial if you’re applying for a safety-sensitive role.

Safety-sensitive roles are positions wherever you’ll beryllium operating machinery aliases instrumentality that could beryllium vulnerable if it’s not utilized successful nan due way, aliases if it’s operated by a drug-impaired individual.

Walmart needs to cognize that it tin spot labor to activity competently successful nan pursuing departments.

Before proceeding; check if Walmart Hire Convicted Felons.

Deli Department

In nan deli department, you’ll usage slicing machinery, cleavers, and knives. A flimsy lapse successful attraction could consequence successful superior wounded to yourself aliases to your coworkers.

Autoshop and Tire Center

When you activity connected customer vehicles, you’ll request to safely run ramps and jacks and usage powerfulness tools. And of course, you’ll beryllium responsible for carrying retired attraction activity connected vehicles. That activity needs to beryllium carried retired responsibly to guarantee nan information of nan customer and different roadworthy users.


Working successful nan Walmart drugstore intends you’ll person entree to each kinds of pharmaceutical drugs. Walmart won’t consequence giving a supplier personification entree to a room afloat of medications, and they couldn’t put customer information astatine consequence by having an impaired worker capable prescriptions incorrectly.

Sporting Goods

The superior interest for nan sporting equipment section is firearms. Walmart sells guns and ammunition, and for evident reasons, information and unit competence person to beryllium nan absolute privilege astir firearms.


As a Walmart subordinate successful nan attraction department, you’re successful a very responsible position. Customer and unit information is successful your hands arsenic you support systems successful bully moving order, look retired for hazards, transportation retired repairs and run attraction equipment.


Walmart information unit person to beryllium alert and connected their toes astatine each times. You’re responsible for protecting institution spot and for unit and customer safety.

While astatine work, you request to beryllium observant and capable to make sound decisions, complete reports, detain shoplifters pursuing institution protocol and supply grounds arsenic needed.

As you tin spot from those little occupation outlines, it’s imperative for unit to beryllium clear-headed and focused astatine each times, and pre-employment supplier testing is 1 measurement that Walmart strives to support a safe and productive situation for unit and customers.

Walmart Driver Drug Tests

If you’re applying for a occupation arsenic a Walmart driver, you’ll person to return a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved supplier test.

As good arsenic nan pre-hire supplier test, you’ll beryllium taxable to random supplier tests, regular supplier tests, reasonable origin supplier tests, and post-accident supplier tests.

Here are nan narcotics a 5-Panel DOT supplier trial screens for:

  • Opioids – Codeine, Morphine, Heroin, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone.
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines – Amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA, MDA.
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Walmart Pre-Promotion Drug Testing

Walmart Pre-Promotion Drug Testing

While Walmart doesn’t supplier trial for nan mostly of its hourly-paid subordinate roles, it does supplier trial for galore managerial positions. And that includes supplier tests erstwhile existing labor use for promotions.

If you’re hoping to move up nan Walmart ladder, you’ll request to beryllium drug-free to make it to nan adjacent rung.

As good arsenic taking a supplier test, you’ll spell done different inheritance cheque erstwhile you use for a promotion.

If you’ve sewage immoderate logic to judge that your inheritance study could beryllium a problem, it’s a bully thought to bid your ain study earlier you use for a promotion truthful you cognize precisely what nan inheritance cheque will uncover.

Walmart Reasonable Cause Drug Testing

Walmart operates a drug-free workplace, and its Code of Ethics encourages each Walmart labor to study coworkers who coming a information consequence to themselves aliases others.

Being nether nan power of narcotics aliases intoxicant is considered a information consequence astatine Walmart.

In summation to coworkers reporting you if they fishy you’re nether nan power of narcotics astatine work, customers tin besides make a complaint, and don’t hide nan information cameras trained connected you while you work.

If you’re nether nan power astatine work, personification is going to notice. And erstwhile that happens, you’ll person to taxable to a supplier test. Refusing to work together to a supplier trial will beryllium treated arsenic though you received a affirmative supplier test.

Post-Accident Drug Testing At Walmart

Walmart reserves nan correct to transportation retired post-accident supplier tests, but they still person to stay wrong nan rule erstwhile they do.

It should spell without saying that if you are impaired because of narcotics and you caused an accident, you will beryllium tested and you will suffer your job.

But to comply pinch nan rule connected post-accident supplier testing, an employer must person logic to judge that narcotics were a causal factor.

OSHA, nan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, states that automatic post-accident supplier testing is illegal.

Do They Drug Test For Marijuana?

When Walmart carries retired a supplier test, marijuana is 1 of nan astir communal narcotics screened for.

This is moreover nan lawsuit successful states wherever recreational aliases medicinal usage of marijuana is now legal.

If you neglect a supplier trial because of aesculapian marijuana usage and find yourself astatine consequence of losing your job, you should taxable impervious of your aesculapian request and activity ineligible advice.

Wondering If You’ll Pass A Walmart Employment Drug Test?

Instead of wondering erstwhile you tin safely use for a occupation astatine Walmart, return an over-the-counter supplier trial and find out.

You tin bargain a 5-Panel urine trial from immoderate drugstore and from galore online retailers. You tin moreover popular into your section Walmart and prime 1 up.

Test a sample of your urine pursuing nan instructions that came pinch nan test, past publication your results.

If your trial is clear, past you tin use and return immoderate supplier trial that’s needed without worrying.

Frequent-Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Departments Does Walmart Drug Test?

What Departments Do They Drug Test?

Walmart carries retired pre-hire supplier testing for subordinate roles successful safety-sensitive departments wherever labor usage vulnerable instrumentality aliases person entree to stored drugs.

These departments are Deli, Auto Center, Pharmacy, Sporting Goods, and Maintenance. You tin besides expect a supplier trial for managerial positions successful immoderate section and for Asset Protection (security) roles.

Does Walmart Urine Drug Test?

Yes, each Walmart employment supplier tests are urine tests. When Walmart supplier tests an worker aliases imaginable caller hire, they usage a urine supplier test. A urine supplier trial screens for marijuana, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP).

Does Walmart Drug Test On The First Interview?

Walmart doesn’t transportation retired supplier tests astatine interviews. And for galore positions, nary supplier trial is required astatine all. If your question and reply was successful, you will person a conditional occupation offer. At that point, Walmart whitethorn inquire you to return a supplier trial if 1 is needed for nan domiciled you’ve applied for.

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test For Walmart?

Walmart carries retired supplier tests successful immoderate circumstances. You whitethorn request to walk a supplier trial during your pre-hire inheritance cheque for immoderate subordinate roles successful safety-sensitive departments, and for managerial positions.

Walmart whitethorn besides require a supplier trial if you look to beryllium nether nan power of narcotics astatine activity and aft an mishap astatine work.

If you’ve applied for a driving occupation astatine Walmart, you will person to walk a supplier trial nether Department of Transportation rules.

What Does A Walmart Employment Drug Test Test For?

The supplier trial that Walmart uses screens for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP). If you’re asked to return a supplier test, you’ll request to supply a urine sample wrong a definite play of time.

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test At Walmart?

If you neglect your supplier trial during a pre-employment check, past you won’t beryllium hired. If you neglect a supplier trial arsenic an employee, past you will suffer your job. Walmart has a drug-free workplace policy.


Walmart nary longer supplier tests each prospective employees. If you’re going to activity successful a section wherever you’ll beryllium utilizing vulnerable machinery aliases equipment, you will request to walk a supplier test.

A supplier trial is besides needed for distribution halfway drivers, drugstore staff, and those applying for managerial positions.

Once you’re moving for nan company, you will beryllium taxable to a supplier trial if you look to beryllium nether nan power of drugs, aliases if you’re progressive successful an mishap and narcotics could person played a part.