Don’t put chlorine in water features – Do this instead!

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Although convenient and easy, chlorine is not nan champion action disposable for h2o features. There are galore different options that tin support your h2o features looking cleanable and pristine.

Chlorine, though effective successful keeping h2o features clean, origin erosion and harm to nan concrete. Fortunately, location are algaecides designed specifically for h2o features; which support your h2o features cleanable conscionable for illustration chlorine, but without erosion and nan different broadside effects.


With this successful mind, let’s spot what algaecides are and really they tin beryllium utilized to support h2o features clean.

What Algaecides are

An algaecide is simply a biocide (a chemic constituent utilized to deter aliases destruct a harmless organism) that acts arsenic an supplier successful protecting and preventing nan maturation of algae by hindering cellular maturation successful algae. It tin besides assistance successful controlling unwanted slime, mollusks, and moreover food pathogens.


Types of Algaecides

There are 2 categories of Algaecides: natural and synthetic. Natural algaecides, specified arsenic barley straw and copper are convenient but travel pinch their ain downsides. Barley Straw is much scarce and has been recovered to beryllium little effective successful preventing nan maturation of algae. Similarly, copper, though much common, has been proven to beryllium much effective but besides leaves imperishable stains.

Synthetic algaecides, connected nan different hand, are more abundant, cheaper, and much effective than earthy algaecides. In fact, immoderate of nan newer synthetic algaecides, specified arsenic Green Clean Pro Granular Algaecide, tin really termination algae connected impact, successful summation to efficaciously preventing algae maturation for up to 4 weeks astatine a time. Due to these benefits, a synthetic algaecide is undoubtedly a preferable option.

Polymer Pool Algaecides

These are composed of agelong chains of c mixed pinch Poly-Quat compounds. These negatively charged compounds dispersed complete nan aboveground of nan algae and termination nan cells. These are perfect because they are non-staining and besides do not foam up erstwhile used.


Additionally, they are among nan longest lasting algaecides. The only downside to utilizing this type of Algaecide is they thin to beryllium much costly comparative to nan replacement algaecides available.

Metallic Pool Algaecides

This algaecide is composed of copper ions attached to amino acids, which help forestall imaginable staining. These forestall algae maturation by attacking nan enzymes and poisoning them. This type of algaecide is astir effective against achromatic algae, but tin beryllium utilized against different algae arsenic well. It has besides been shown to beryllium nan astir effective of each algaecides successful fighting cyanobacteria.

Best Algaecides

HTH 67032 Super Algae Guard Swimming Pool Algaecide Cleanser

Made specifically for swimming pools, this algaecide will termination disconnected green, achromatic and mustard algae. It will besides thief forestall algae maturation successful nan future, making it a awesome preventative method arsenic good arsenic a curen scheme for nan algae successful your pool.

After you’ve put it into your pool, you tin beryllium backmost into your excavation and get swimming arsenic soon arsenic 15 minutes later. Click present to position this merchandise connected Amazon (FYI – we person commissions connected qualifying purchases astatine nary other costs to you).

How to usage algaecides

  • Select nan due type of algaecide. There are galore different types of algaecides disposable depending connected nan type affecting your h2o feature. Silver-based algaecide, for example, is astir effective successful treating greenish and achromatic algae. If you are unsure of which type of algae you have, nary worries. There are all-purpose algaecides that you tin use to immoderate algae, sloppy of what type it is.
  • Determine really overmuch algaecide to use. The due magnitude will beryllium based connected really overmuch water, and algae, successful circulating successful your h2o feature. Dosage is mostly per gallon of water, and nan algaecide will pass you of nan correct ratio of algaecide to nan gallon.
  • Pour nan Algaecide into your h2o feature. If nan algae maturation is minor, hold astatine slightest half an hr earlier rubbing nan water. If nan algae maturation is much severe, hold astatine slightest twenty-four hours. Doing truthful earlier whitethorn origin tegument irritation for nan recently introduced algaecide into nan water.
  • Ezoic
  • Scrub nan h2o characteristic twenty-four hours aft pouring nan algaecide to region immoderate leftover dormant debris. If location is still visible algae, repetition nan process again. This prevents nan h2o from looking unclear aliases murky aft nan algaecide takes effect
  • Once nan Algae originates clearing up, read nan manufacturer’s instructions connected really often to usage nan algaecide. Generally speaking, successful warmer temperatures, algaecide should beryllium utilized each 3 to six days.

How to dechlorinate h2o

Install a water select system. This tin thief you quickly and efficaciously region some chlorine from nan water. There are galore different types of h2o filters, each pinch its pros and cons. The only downside to these is they thin to beryllium overmuch much costly than nan different methods.

Dechlorination tablets. There are various types of Dechlorination tablets and is besides 1 of nan astir situation safe methods to get free of chlorine. They are mostly utilized for removing chlorine from h2o anterior to it being flushing h2o into streams aliases ponds.

One of nan simplest and astir basal ways to to dechlorinate h2o is to let it beryllium retired successful nan sun successful nan power for astatine slightest 24 hours. The power from nan sun will origin nan state to evaporate from nan water. This method is easy and effective, but only useful successful warmer climates.


DIY Alternatives

While you wouldn’t want to usage these methods connected thing large, for illustration a pool, location are a number of smaller location algae remedies that are cleanable for smaller h2o features, particularly nan indoor ones, aliases nan mini fountain you mightiness person connected your porch.


Vinegar tin beryllium put into nan fountain to thief curb algae growth. If algae has go a problem earlier you had nan chance to dainty it, you tin quiet your smaller fountain, return a brush, and scrub it retired utilizing vinegar. Once you’ve utilized vinegar to scrub retired nan fountain, spray it complete pinch vinegar and fto it barren to termination immoderate remnants of nan algae surviving there. Once it has dried, rinse it retired pinch water, and you’re bully to go.

Baking Soda

If you’re dealing pinch algae that seems to conscionable beryllium stuck to nan aboveground of your fountain, baking soda mightiness beryllium nan champion measurement for you to loosen it without a travel to nan store. It isn’t rather arsenic effective arsenic vinegar astatine sidesplitting nan algae, it’s much useful for removing it. Think of it for illustration picking a weed, arsenic opposed to spraying it pinch thing that kills it.