How Hot Are Different Flame Colors? 

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Although we subordinate fires chiefly pinch nan colour orangish (and possibly different fiery hues specified arsenic reddish aliases yellow), successful actuality, occurrence comes successful each sorts of unsocial colors. The hue depends connected nan type of worldly that’s burning and nan occurrence temperature. Speaking of temperature, really basking are various occurrence colors?

Orange occurrence burns astatine 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, achromatic flames up to 2,600 degrees, and bluish flames up to 5,432 degrees. Dark reddish flames are nan slightest basking while bluish flames are nan hottest. 

Today’s article will explicate nan somesthesia of each occurrence color. No matter what, they’re each hot, but you’ll soon cognize conscionable really hot, truthful let’s get started! 

How Hot Is White Fire?

Let’s statesman by discussing achromatic fire. 

As we mentioned successful nan intro, occurrence will statesman arsenic a ray reddish color, past go heavy red, past orange, and past white. 

Even achromatic flames person varying levels. When it first transitions from orangish to white, nan occurrence has only a whiteish tint. The occurrence burns at 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 1,300 degrees Celsius. 

As nan occurrence continues to grow, its occurrence colour becomes much pronounced. A agleam achromatic occurrence burns astatine 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 1,400 degrees Celsius.

At agleam white, nan occurrence hasn’t achieved its brightest aliases hottest highest yet. A dazzling achromatic occurrence reaches 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 1,500 degrees Celsius

How Hot Is Purple Fire?

You cognize that bluish occurrence is nan hottest, but what astir purple? Do flames successful this colour moreover exist?

Indeed, they do, and it takes an intensely basking occurrence for nan flames to look blue-violet. Visible occurrence hardly gets hotter, arsenic the somesthesia of blue-violet aliases purple occurrence exceeds 2,552 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 1,400 degrees Celsius. 

How Hot Is Blue Fire?

When flames spell from achromatic to blue, now we’re talking ultra-hot temperatures. A flame will pain bluish astatine temperatures of astatine slightest 4,532 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 2,500 degrees Celsius.

Blue flames get moreover fierier still! At their hottest, a bluish occurrence will pain astatine 5,432 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 3,000 degrees Celsius. 

It’s difficult to fathom temperatures that hot, but they’re needed for robust extraction today, truthful they do service a purpose. 

How Hot Is Orange Fire?

Now let’s move gears and talk nan accepted occurrence color, orange. 

Despite that we each subordinate orangish pinch fire, it’s not nan first colour that occurrence burns. You should callback that’s red. We’ll talk astir reddish flames successful conscionable a moment, truthful support reference for much somesthesia accusation there. 

Flames spell from reddish to orangish to white, truthful nan first colour you could spot orangish flames pain is successful a heavy orangish hue. 

Deep orangish flames pain astatine 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 1,100 degrees Celsius. 

Should orangish flames proceed to turn successful size and temperature, they’ll suffer that acheronian coloration and go clearer. They’re not 100 percent achromatic astatine this point, arsenic moreover nan coolest achromatic flames (which are still beautiful darn hot, by nan way!) aren’t wholly white.

Clear orangish flames are 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 1,200 degrees Celsius. They’re only 200 degrees hotter than heavy orangish flames, but that 200 degrees makes each nan difference! 

How Hot Is Red Fire?

Okay, truthful arsenic promised, let’s talk further astir reddish fire.

Since flames statesman red, this occurrence colour has galore much nuanced evolutions. It’s absorbing to spot really nan temperatures climb arsenic reddish occurrence becomes much pronounced.

When reddish flames are only somewhat visible, they pain astatine a somesthesia of 980 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 525 degrees Celsius. That’s nan coolest that occurrence gets, and it’s not cool astatine all.

After all, it only takes vulnerability to power astatine 118 degrees for your tegument to prolong first-degree burns and 131 degrees for second-degree burns. 

Moving on, dull reddish occurrence burns astatine 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 700 degrees Celsius. The flames person begun to turn but tin get larger still.

Dull cherry-colored reddish flames person reached a somesthesia of 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 800 degrees Celsius. Now nan flames person much color, but they’ll deepen still.

When that happens, nan flames person a fuller cherry color. Their somesthesia besides increases to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 900 degrees Celsius.

That’s not yet nan afloat grade of a reddish flame’s evolution. It will return connected a much chopped colour that’s a clear cherry. These flames pain astatine 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit aliases 1,000 degrees Celsius.

How Hot Is Green Fire?

You had ne'er heard of greenish occurrence before. What precisely is it? 

Green flames hap erstwhile potassium chlorate and sulfur interact pinch nitrate aliases different brackish of barium. Usually, you spot greenish flames utilized successful pyrotechnics since they adhd to nan quality of nan pyro. 

Alternatively, you tin create greenish flames by adding color.

Green flames tin pain astatine immoderate occurrence somesthesia since they’re not people occurring. 

It makes much consciousness for greenish flames to person a little somesthesia than a higher 1 truthful they’re safe capable for a pyrotechnics master to ignite and for everyone successful nan vicinity to enjoy. 

Bottom Line 

Flames pain successful a assortment of different intensities. Besides increasing successful temperature, flames besides alteration colour arsenic they get hotter.

Red flames are nan lowest somesthesia and nan weakest, followed by orange, white, blue, and past nan rarer blue-violet flames. 

Do not beryllium mistaken though. You tin pain your tegument and prolong first-degree burns astatine temperatures only somewhat complete 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Even nan weakest reddish flames pain adjacent to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Marvel astatine occurrence colors if you like, but ne'er beryllium adjacent capable to get hurt.