How to consider the TDS water for hair wash?

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Water affects humans successful galore ways. The astir important measurement is done nonstop consumption. Just for illustration nonstop consumption, location are various ways to impact humans done indirect consumption. 

Hair washing is specified arsenic a important indirect depletion that could bring patient aliases unhealthy impacts to humans. Although location are respective ways to measurement nan effect that could hap to hairsbreadth done washing, nan TDS of h2o is nan astir trusted way.

In this article, we will pass you astir choosing nan TDS of h2o for hairsbreadth lavation and much things you should know.

What does it mean by TDS of h2o for hairsbreadth wash?

The TDS level of h2o is considered arsenic nan magnitude of magnesium, silica, and calcium-like minerals successful nan water. Lead is besides accountable, which is not usually disposable successful drinking aliases bathing water.

If nan TDS of h2o is high, past that will not beryllium bully for humans.

What is nan optimum TDS of h2o for hairsbreadth wash?

The recommended TDS of h2o for hairsbreadth washing is 350 TDS – 500 TDS. That tin beryllium arsenic debased arsenic 300 TDS, arsenic location will not beryllium immoderate result related to hairsbreadth loss.

That tin beryllium arsenic precocious arsenic 1000 TDS if you usage shampoos aliases softening soaps to soften water.

TDS Value (mg/L)Side Effects
Below 150Hair tin go excessively barren and brittle
150 – 250Suitable for those pinch barren hair
350 – 500Suitable for those pinch normal hair
250 – 350Suitable for those pinch oily hair
Above 750Hair tin go greasy and heavy

Note: But, it is not advised.

What happens if you take precocious TDS of h2o for hairsbreadth wash?

There are respective outcomes you whitethorn get owed to taking precocious TDS of h2o for hairsbreadth wash.

Hair Fall

The astir important result is hairsbreadth fall. Research has proven that nan precocious TDS of h2o whitethorn origin hairsbreadth fall. If nan TDS of h2o is precocious successful water, it intends much minerals whitethorn harm hairsbreadth follicles.

Hair Skin Diseases

The precocious magnitude of miners successful h2o whitethorn besides origin tegument itching and create wounds successful nan end. Research has recovered that moreover eczema is simply a anticipation owed to nan usage of precocious TDS h2o for hairsbreadth washing.

Hair Discoloration and whitening

Hair discolouration is besides an result owed to washing hairsbreadth pinch precocious TDS of water. Minerals successful h2o would origin oxidation, and hairsbreadth is 1 of nan astir susceptible parts of nan quality body. As a consequence of this, hairsbreadth browning, whitening, and multi-colouration would happen.

Pipe Clogging

When you usage precocious TDS of h2o for bathing, location tin beryllium clogging arsenic good since nan minerals successful nan h2o whitethorn deposit successful nan pipes and mini pipelines. You will not beryllium capable to get a bath connected clip owed to this.

What happens owed to debased TDS of hairsbreadth for hairsbreadth wash?

You will not person to look immoderate effect connected hairsbreadth owed to having debased TDS of h2o for bathing. But, it is advised to enactment successful nan 500 TDS. The logic is that nan debased TDS of h2o whitethorn beryllium much soluble than nan recommended TDS of water.

How often should I switch nan artillery successful my Zero Water TDS Meter?

The wave of zero h2o tds metre artillery replacement depends connected your usage and nan type of batteries you use. However, it is recommended to switch nan artillery erstwhile each 6-12 months. Regularly changing nan zero h2o TDS metre artillery ensures meticulous readings and uninterrupted usage of nan device.

Does nonstop depletion (drinking) of debased TDS of h2o origin hairsbreadth fall?

Yes. It has been recovered that location tin beryllium hairsbreadth nonaccomplishment arsenic an result owed to nonstop depletion (drinking) of precocious TDS of water.

The WHO recommends drinking 250< TDS <350mg/L h2o to person a patient body. Undoubtedly, that will bring patient hair.

Since nan solvent value of debased TDS of h2o is higher than nan recommended level, location tin beryllium broadside effects successful nan body. Hair nonaccomplishment is 1 of them.


Having various TDS of h2o for hairsbreadth washing is not nan point you should do, but instrumentality to nan optimum TDS level of water, 500 TDS. Although you whitethorn little nan TDS value, you must not transcend that astatine all. 

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