How to Wire an Outdoor Water Fountain: a DIY Guide

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Wiring an outdoor h2o fountain tin beryllium a tedious process, but it doesn’t request to be. Here’s really you tin ligament your outdoor h2o fountain.

The process of wiring an outdoor fountain tin beryllium surgery up into 3 main steps. First, find nan champion section location for your fountain. Next, excavation a trench for nan wires. Lastly, thread and hide nan hold cord.


This process is wholly achievable, moreover for beginners, truthful agelong arsenic you travel nan pursuing steps.

Determining nan Appropriate Location and Preparing it for nan Fountain

Before immoderate advancement tin beryllium made, you first request to fig retired nan due location for nan fountain. Things for illustration entree and proximity are important to consider, arsenic they will play a domiciled successful nan full cost.


Before starting your project, you request to observe information precautions, arsenic moving pinch energy is inherently dangerous. Do not effort to ligament immoderate electrical point without first having a licensed electrician observe nan area.

After he has observed nan area, person him install a GFCI (ground responsibility circuit interrupter) outlet, which prevents potential electrocution successful lawsuit you accidentally make interaction pinch nan electrical current. After this has been accomplished, it is now clip to commencement measuring.

First, commencement by measuring and cutting a magnitude of drawstring to nan aforesaid magnitude arsenic your fountain pump’s electrical cord, past subtract 2 feet from it. Next, simply measurement nan region for your desired location from nan GFCI outlet.

Next, constitute down nan measurements to mention backmost to. After this, each you request to do is position nan fountain nevertheless you desire. Once this is complete, you will now person an thought of nan due measurements and region for your fountain.

Digging nan Trench

Now that you person nan due distances determined, it is now clip to statesman nan adjacent measurement successful nan process: digging. Begin by digging a trench astir 2 feet heavy from nan outdoor GFCI outlet to your plot fountain pump. The trench only needs to beryllium astir 2 inches wide to accommodate nan scheduled 40 PVC tube needed.

Cutting nan PVC Pipe

Now that nan fountain is positioned and nan trench has been dug, we now request to appropriately trim and position nan PVC pipe. First, begin by pouring a furniture of soil an inch aliases 2 heavy astatine nan bottommost of nan trench. This will thief supply a cushion for nan PVC and will thief protects it from rocks aliases thing other that could perchance origin damage.


Next, measurement nan magnitude of your trench, this will springiness you an thought of really overmuch PVC you will request to use. Then, Cut 2 sections of nan 40 PVC tube to astir 18 inches successful length. If necessary, you tin usage afloat 10-foot sections positive a trim piece, to scope nan full magnitude of nan trench. After it has been cut, Lay nan tube successful nan bottommost of nan trench and trim nan drawstring from nan receptacle to a magnitude of 12 feet.

Arranging and Positioning nan PVC Pipe

After nan receptacle has been trim to 12 feet, attach 1 extremity of nan drawstring pinch duct portion onto nan plug connected nan fountain pump’s powerfulness cord. To support it balanced and sturdy, necktie a 3/4-inch hex seed connected nan other extremity of nan string.

Then, driblet nan extremity of nan drawstring pinch nan hex seed connected it done 1 18-inch portion of pipe. The seed will spell done nan tube and exit nan different broadside of nan tube while pulling nan powerfulness cord pinch it.

Drop nan hex seed done a PVC 90-degree elbow and nan opening conception of tube successful nan trench. Then, slow statesman to propulsion nan drawstring and powerfulness cord done nan pieces formed. The 18-inch tube should beryllium opinionated up astatine nan extremity of nan trench adjacent to nan fountain pump. Now comes nan easy part: it’s clip to glue nan pipes together.


Begin by placing a heavy furniture of PVC primer connected nan exterior of nan 18-inch tube and nan interior of nan elbow. After it has dried, overgarment a heavy furniture of glue complete those areas.

Next, push nan tube into nan elbow, cautiously twist it, past clasp nan 2 pieces together and hold for them to statesman drying. After respective minutes, you tin now premier nan other extremity of nan elbow and tube and glue it together successful nan aforesaid way.

To guarantee it stays unafraid and stable, drop a hex seed done a horizontal tube portion astatine nan trench bottommost and unafraid each tube section. Lastly, adhd an elbow astatine nan extremity of nan trench and nan different 18-inch pipes conscionable arsenic you did connected nan other side.

Thread and Bury nan Extension Cord

Thread nan hold cord done nan PVC pipe. If you request to usage much than 1 PVC pipe, simply connect a PVC coupling to nan extremity of nan first tube and proceed threading nan cord done nan 2nd pipe. Keep repeating this aforesaid process until you person covered nan entirety of nan GFCI outlet.

After this, you tin now spell backmost and connect each pipes to nan PVC couplings. Now, each that is near is to hide nan PVC-encased hold cord. Place nan PVC tube successful nan trench you’ve dug and statesman reburying it pinch nan antecedently discarded dirt.



The easiest measurement to execute this is by simply utilizing a shovel and a wheelbarrow. After you person reburied nan dirt, you tin battalion it ungraded down by stepping complete it for a infinitesimal aliases two.

Assemble nan Fountain

Not that each nan electrical activity has been done, all you request to do now is combine nan fountain. Simply travel nan instructions provided successful nan handbook that comes pinch nan fountain. After this, you are now free to move your h2o connected and trial your caller h2o fountain. Assuming everything runs smooth, congrats, you person now wired your very ain outdoor h2o fountain.

How to Fix immoderate Potential Water Fountain/Wiring Problems

If thing is not moving correctly pinch your h2o fountain, location are respective reasons why this whitethorn beryllium occurring.

  • Diagnosing nan Problem: The first measurement would beryllium to cheque nan powerfulness proviso to make judge nan pump is turned on. Without powerfulness being supplied to nan fountain’s pump, nan h2o cannot beryllium circulated done nan fountain, and nan fountain will not usability properly.

    Another cardinal point to cheque is to spot if nan circuit breaker has blown, arsenic this would evidently forestall nan powerfulness proviso from functioning appropriately. If location there are nary problems pinch nan pump itself aliases nan circuit breaker, nan adjacent measurement would beryllium to cheque nan fountain pump’s impeller. The easiest measurement to do this is by placing your manus connected apical of nan moving pump.

    As agelong arsenic you consciousness a mechanical portion whirring inside, nan impeller is moving conscionable fine. If, however, you do not consciousness this, it’s much than apt jammed pinch debris. If this is nan case, you tin hole it by moving h2o backward done nan pump, which will region immoderate blockages recovered successful nan impeller.

  • Major Leak Repair: Check nan pump’s accommodation dial to spot really precocious it is turned up. If nan pump is leaking water, effort turning nan dial down to alteration nan h2o flow. Alternatively, if nan pump isn’t emitting capable water, move nan dial up to summation nan fountain flow. Fill nan fountain to nan recommended capable statement (this will inevitably alteration depending connected nan size of nan fixed fountain).

    In bid for nan fountain to usability properly, the hose utilized to provender nan h2o up done nan pump must beryllium wholly submerged successful water. Simply adding h2o to nan main basin should correct this issue. You tin usually show nan h2o level is nan problem if nan fountain pump is making louder noises than usual, aliases if nan pump is emitting gurgling sounds.

    Turn disconnected nan fountain and cheque nan hoses and pump surface for signs of debris. Overtime (especially pinch an outdoor fountain), dirt, leaves, and different debris accumulate successful nan fountain and get sucked into nan pump. Once nan debris has been removed, nan fountain should usability decently again

  • More Minor Leak Repair: Begin by checking again to spot if nan fountain is leaking by filling up nan fountain, past turning disconnected nan pump. Next, hold for 24 hours to spot if nan h2o level decreases. If you announcement a morganatic difference, location is simply a leak successful nan fountain, which you’ll request to repair.

    Empty nan h2o from nan fountain until nan ace is exposed to aerial and guarantee nan area surrounding nan ace is arsenic cleanable arsenic possible. The type of repair process required depends connected what nan fountain is made retired of. If you’re dealing pinch a fountain successful a pond pinch a plastic liner, usage a liner repair spot composed of PVC sheeting on pinch PVC sheeting glue to extremity nan leak.

    If nan fountain is made of actual aliases stone, it must beryllium reinforced by having nan cracks filled pinch a bonding adhesive on pinch a vinyl-reinforced patching compound.