Is Firefighting Considered A Trade?

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You sometimes perceive of occupations referred to arsenic trades. These jobs look for illustration a trim supra nan rest, which has you wondering, does firefighting count arsenic a trade?

Although firefighting is simply a highly skilled occupation requiring training and continued acquisition to excel at, it’s not regarded arsenic a trade. However, that does not negate nan difficult activity and dedication of nan passionate men and women who conflict fires each day.

If you want to study much astir firefighting and whether it’s considered a trade, you’ve travel to nan correct place. This article will research what a waste and acquisition is, whether firefighting fits in, and if not, what it counts as.

What Is a Trade?

Occupationally, a waste and acquisition is referred to arsenic a skilled occupation that demands typical training and manual labor.

There are galore waste and acquisition jobs, specified arsenic expanse metallic workers, machinists, masons, location decorators aliases pagers, roofers, mechanics, building workers, car mechanics, robust workers, and moreover each nan measurement down to elevator mechanics.

One does not needfully require a assemblage acquisition to activity successful a trade. A precocious schoolhouse certificate suffices, past nan aspiring worker will use for post-secondary training aliases apprenticeship. During this training, nan aspiring worker will study everything they request to cognize to excel connected nan job.

The drawback is that an apprenticeship tin return astatine slightest 1 year, sometimes up to six. You gain money while successful an apprenticeship, but it’s astir half nan net a full-time worker successful that waste and acquisition would earn.

Upon graduating from an apprenticeship aliases training school, nan aspiring worker would beryllium fresh to get a occupation successful their chosen waste and acquisition and statesman earning a full-time income. 

Is Firefighting a Trade?

Now that you amended understand nan basics of what constitutes a trade, it’s clip to circle backmost astir to your question. Is firefighting a trade?

Well, that depends connected who you ask. Some successful our section insist that firefighting is simply a trade, and if you reappraisal nan meaning from nan conception above, it’s easy to spot why. 

However, nan wide statement is that firefighting isn’t a trade. 

Let’s make 1 point abundantly clear. Although firefighting isn’t a trade, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a skilled occupation. Like an artisan, aliases personification who learns a trade, a firefighter has to perpetrate themselves to hundreds upon hundreds of hours of rigorous training to maestro their craft.

They will person compensation during nan training to make it worthy their while, though they’ll usually gain much money erstwhile they’re hired by a occurrence section and statesman actively working. 

Trade skills do travel successful useful arsenic a firefighter, truthful if you person them, you could guidelines retired from nan title and excel connected nan job. Especially if you person a inheritance successful different types of blue collar work.

Here are a fewer examples of waste and acquisition skills that modulation easy into firefighting.

Electric Skills

Firefighters do much than extinguish blazes, but besides assistance nan occurrence section successful investigating nan origin of a fire. A waste and acquisition inheritance successful electrical activity tin thief a firefighter activity retired sources of occurrence much readily.

Mechanical Skills 

If you person acquisition pinch commercialized car repairs, translating those skills into maintaining and fixing nan occurrence engines astir nan firehouse should beryllium elemental enough. You tin prevention nan occurrence section money and go a much invaluable personnel of nan team. 

Roofing Skills

Firefighters must entree vulnerable situations, including scaling roofs to rescue victims aliases summation entree to a building. A firefighter pinch a waste and acquisition inheritance successful roofing will cognize really to safely navigate a tile and look retired for structural issues.

They could conscionable prevention a chap firefighter’s life acknowledgment to their expertise! 

If Firefighting Isn’t a Trade, Then What Is It? 

We’ve made it clear that firefighting doesn’t technically slot into nan meaning of a trade. So what does that make firefighting?

Here are immoderate different position you tin usage astir nan firehouse extracurricular of trade.


A occupation pays nan bills, truthful technically, referring to firefighting arsenic a occupation fits. Of course, don’t get this confused pinch jobtown, a firefighting slang word that refers to a vulnerable structural occurrence that threatens to topple complete nan property. 


Referring to firefighting arsenic an business versus a occupation sounds much dignified, moreover if nan meanings are astir nan same. At slightest you don’t consequence being misinterpreted by utilizing nan word occupation. 


Here’s 1 that each firefighters tin work together with. The chap firefighters successful your squad are much than your colleagues, they’re your brothers aliases sisters. You activity pinch them, eat pinch them, slumber beside them, laughter pinch them, and outcry pinch them. 

The narration you forge pinch your unit is thing that only those successful your section tin appreciate. It’s an unshakable enslaved forged by occurrence (literally, successful this case) and 1 of nan astir meaningful you’ll ever person successful your life. 


Between nan clip and disbursal that training to go a firefighter entails, astir group who prosecute this domiciled want a profession successful firefighting. A profession tin beryllium for life aliases until a firefighter feels nan request to displacement into a little vulnerable role. 


Lastly, firefighting is simply a lifestyle. You person a wildly different schedule than nan mean worker, and it’s overmuch harder for you to time off your occupation astatine nan “office.” You’re defined arsenic a firefighter whether you’re connected nan timepiece aliases off, and you wouldn’t person it immoderate different way. 


A waste and acquisition is an business that requires manual labour and a typical skillset that’s usually taught astatine a waste and acquisition schoolhouse aliases apprenticeship. Many fields suffice arsenic trades, from car repair to electrical work, but firefighting isn’t 1 of them.

Although firefighting is simply a highly skilled job, it doesn’t meet each nan criteria for what makes a trade. However, you will still acquisition specialized training earlier moving arsenic a firefighter. More so, having waste and acquisition skills successful different fields will make you a much indispensable, skilled firefighter.

At nan extremity of nan day, whether you telephone firefighting a job, a lifestyle, an occupation, aliases a sisterhood aliases brotherhood, there’s nary incorrect measurement to mention to it!