Step-by-step: How To Fix Pond Liner To Wood

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You’ve been itching to make a pond successful your backyard. Perhaps you are wanting a beautiful summation to nan landscaping successful your yard, aliases possibly you are a koi food enthusiast. Whatever your reasoning, you now request to cognize really you tin connect your pond liner to nan wood platform that you will beryllium attaching it to.

While wood is not nan astir communal worldly to connect a pond liner to, nan champion measurement to affix your liner to wood is by utilizing an adhesive spray connected nan liner. Make judge to usage treated wood truthful that nan wood doesn’t decay complete clip from nan h2o wear.


Using a adhesive spray whitethorn look straightforward enough, but location is much to lining your pond than conscionable anchoring it. You request to make judge it’s nan correct size and make judge that you don’t accidently puncture nan liner. You request to instal it successful nan correct measurement to make judge you get nan astir retired of your pond, and don’t person to interest astir repairing it sometime successful nan future.

How to Install a Pond Liner

  1. Before installing your liner successful your pond, you will want to instal an underlayment. Underlayments are a heavy other furniture that protects your liner from being pierced by rocks, sticks, aliases roots.

    You tin usage almost thing arsenic an underlayment for illustration aged newspapers, sand, aliases those aged towels that person been hanging astir everlastingly and are stained pinch years worthy of hairsbreadth dye. You want nan underlayment to beryllium astatine slightest half an inch heavy to supply nan needed protection for your liner.

  2. Spread your liner complete your hole, pushing it down by stepping connected it aliases sending your children to locomotion connected it for you until it has been pushed into each nan corners of nan hole. You will request a adjacent allowance of nan liner to travel up past nan apical of nan pond, which you will temporarily clasp down pinch rocks aliases different dense objects to forestall it from moving.

    This allowance should beryllium astir a ft to a ft and a half retired from nan separator of your pond.

  3. Ezoic
  4. To forestall against stretching of nan liner, you will want to adhd a mates of inches of h2o to nan bottommost of your pond. The liner will beryllium capable to agelong retired arsenic it needs to, and you will beryllium capable to region your rocks arsenic needed alternatively of having to interest astir that aft you person already sealed your liner down.
  5. Spray some nan wood and nan liner pinch nan adhesive spray. Allow for nan spray to beryllium for a mates of minutes to go tacky.
  6. Place nan liner complete nan wood, matching nan sticky sides together and use pressure. You tin do this either by pressing connected it, sitting connected it for a time, aliases conscionable by reapplying nan rocks you were utilizing earlier.
  7. It’s astatine this clip that you tin begin covering nan liner nevertheless you had planned, trimming distant immoderate excess liner that you whitethorn have.
  8. Fill your pond, adding plants and different landscaping arsenic you wish.

The awesome point astir adhesive sprays is that they are not constricted to usage connected conscionable wood. You tin usage nan sprays for nan much accepted cement aliases ceramic arsenic well.

What Not to Do

When creating your pond, location are truthful galore things for you to do, that it whitethorn look alternatively overwhelming. That’s why we’re here: to thief to make judge that erstwhile you are lining your pond you are observant not to autumn into these communal pitfalls – aliases successful this case, pond-falls.


  1. Not utilizing a ample capable liner
    • When cutting retired your liner, it whitethorn beryllium tempting to only trim retired capable to capable nan pond itself. However, it is very important that you person an excess extracurricular of nan pond itself. This is truthful that you person room to anchor your liner, and besides prevents against leaking successful nan future.
  2. Not aerating nan pond
    • When your pond is not properly aerated, this tin origin damages to your liner later down nan line. When your h2o is not decently aerated, not only will your food not person enough oxygen, but your h2o is much apt to frost over. When nan h2o freeze, the ice tin origin rips and tears successful nan liner.

      While it is imaginable to repair said rips, it’s easier conscionable to forestall against specified a happening than to return nan clip to hole it. It’s besides yet cheaper. You tin find a inexpensive aerator online for arsenic debased arsenic $25.

  3. Choosing a liner based connected price
    • Look, we each want to prevention money, and sometimes purchasing nan cheapest brace of sunglasses aliases beverage useful out. But for illustration shoes, clothing, and bread, pond liners aren’t each created equal. While you don’t person to get nan astir costly liners connected nan market, you should beryllium consenting to put a small other money into nan liner. You are going to want 1 that is beardown and will last.

      Avoid integrative liners aliases liners that aliases 20-30mm thick. They are easy punctured and don’t past arsenic agelong arsenic different liners. Get a liner that is made pinch ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber.

    • Ezoic
  4. Not protecting nan liner
    • Not only do you request to person protection underneath nan liner, but you besides request to person protection connected apical of nan liner because location will beryllium times erstwhile you will request to participate nan pond to cleanable it. Having an added protective furniture will thief you not harm nan liner successful nan process. This tin beryllium done by adding soft soil aliases pebbles to nan bottommost of your pond.
  5. Using untreated wood
    • If you’re utilizing wood arsenic your main anchor for your liner, you person to make judge that nan wood has been treated and won’t upwind pinch nan water. Otherwise, nan wood will beryllium prone to warping and rotting arsenic it ages, making for a alternatively unstable anchor for your pond liner.

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