Top 20 Dave Matthews Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

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When it comes to romanticist euphony that tin seizure nan principle of love, Dave Matthews wedding songs are among nan champion options. 

There is simply a batch to do erstwhile readying a wedding, from choosing a venue to hiring a caterer. But nan readying isn’t complete unless you’ve chosen nan cleanable wedding music.

There is simply a Dave Matthews opus for each infinitesimal of your typical time that will time off a lasting effect connected your mind. These songs not only person meaningful lyrics, but they besides person calming tunes that will create a romanticist ambiance connected your large day. 

Let’s research 20 of these beautiful tracks 1 aft nan other!

Top 20 Dave Matthews Wedding Songs

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1. “Loving Wings”

Best Lyrics: And I springiness to you my everything/Because you’ve fixed maine these loving wings

This opus should beryllium astatine nan apical of your wedding playlist because of its rubbing lyrics and elemental melody.

It describes nan feelings of alleviation that travel pinch gathering personification typical aft being heartbroken. “Loving Wings” will beryllium cleanable for nan bridal entrance, first dance, aliases cake-cutting moment. 

2. “Steady As We Go”

Best Lyrics: I locomotion halfway astir nan world/Just to beryllium down by your side

As you statesman your marital journey, you request to brace yourself for nan bully and bad times. “Steady As You Go” serves arsenic a reminder that couples should clasp connected to each different erstwhile they look challenges.

3. “Everyday”

Best Lyrics: Pick maine up, oh, from nan bottom/Up to nan top, love, everyday/Pay nary mind to taunts aliases advances

“Everyday” is simply a beautiful, uplifting opus that conveys a powerful message, making it an perfect choice. It emphasizes nan request to judge emotion each time and nan desire for affectional support from loved ones. 

4. “Funny nan Way It Is”

Best Lyrics: The measurement your rima feels successful your lovers kiss/Like a beautiful vertebrate connected a breeze aliases h2o to a fish

As your guests mingle pinch 1 another, you tin play this opus successful nan inheritance to group nan mood.

While it is not a emotion song, “Funny nan Way It Is” tin animate listeners to ever definitive gratitude. It is simply a delightful opus that describes nan contrasts and contradictions of life.  

5. “Crash Into Me”

Best Lyrics: Into your bosom I’ll hit again/Sweet for illustration candy to my soul

For friendly moments astatine your wedding, this opus will beryllium a cleanable fit. The lyrics speak of a man who loves a female and desires to beryllium adjacent to her without considering nan consequences. 

6. “Space Man”

Best Lyrics: What I retrieve astir about that nighttime is/I emotion nan measurement you move, baby

This opus features poetic lyrics and a haunting melody that tin make listeners consciousness emotional.

Keep successful mind that “Space Man” is not a romanticist song, but it will make a bully summation to your wedding playlist. Perhaps you tin play it during nan reception aliases nan cocktail hour. 

7. “Let You Down”

Best Lyrics: Let maine climb up you to nan top/So I tin spot nan position from up there/Tangled successful your hair

“Let You Down” is an affectional opus that emphasizes nan request to apologize erstwhile incorrect and inquire for forgiveness. While enjoying nan beautiful hit of this song, listeners tin study nan valuable instruction its lyrics pass.

8. “Space Between”

Best Lyrics: Right retired of here/Love is each we need, dear

Music enthusiasts and Dave Matthews fans would emotion to perceive to this opus arsenic galore times arsenic possible. As your guests mingle and hole for nan wedding party, they tin bask nan gentle melody of this beautiful track.

9. “Oh”

Best Lyrics: I emotion you ohio truthful well/Like a kid emotion candy and caller snow/I emotion you ohio truthful well/Enough to capable up heaven…

This opus has an affectional consciousness that will time off lasting impacts successful nan hearts of everyone present. “Oh,” talks astir really nan powerfulness of emotion and compassion tin conquer challenges. 

10. “Stay (Wasting Time)”

Best Lyrics: I was kissing you (kissing you)/You were kissing maine emotion (oo)

With its laid-back tune and soulful vocals, this opus will adhd a touch of charm to your large day. It conveys a heavy connection of enjoying and appreciating each small point that life offers.  

11. “Virginia successful nan Rain”

Best Lyrics: Whatever you want, I will springiness you that/Tell maine we won’t turn aged excessively fast/Let’s make judge this is gonna last

This opus has nan powerfulness to bring backmost memories and create a reflective moment. “Virginia successful nan Rain” should beryllium played astatine calm moments of nan ceremonial to person a memorable experience.

12. “Belly Belly Nice”

Best Lyrics: You can’t get excessively overmuch love/The clip is correct for loving truthful travel on, travel on

This feel-good opus will capable nan hearts of listeners pinch joyousness and their faces pinch smiles. The lyrics talk astir uncovering happiness successful nan seemingly elemental things that life offers. 

13. “You and Me”

Best Lyrics: We gonna return a vessel to nan extremity of nan world/All nan measurement to nan extremity of nan world

From its title to nan catchy melody and powerful lyrics, you’d conscionable cognize that this opus is awesome for your wedding. As you and your partner cling together, dancing to this track, you tin visualize nan agleam early ahead. 

14. “Idea of You”

Best Lyrics: I autumn truthful difficult wrong nan thought of you/That’s why pinch you can’t opportunity what I mean

Lyrically, this opus conveys a heavy connection that listeners will find absorbing and understandable.

It describes nan feelings of happiness and anticipation that travel pinch being infatuated pinch personification new. Everyone coming astatine your ceremonial tin singing on to nan song’s elemental chorus and person a nosy moment. 

15. “Love of My Life”

Best Lyrics: Where you are, that’s wherever I wanna be/And done your eyes, each nan things I wanna see

What different measurement tin you observe nan emotion of your life if not by dedicating this opus to them? “Love of My Life” is simply a opus of admiration and appreciation for a partner whose emotion is existent and enduring. 

16. “Rooftop”

Best Lyrics: Tell maine that you want me, you want maine too/Well, I/I want you to

Get fresh to person a magical acquisition pinch this mid-tempo jam playing successful nan background. Combined pinch Matthews’ passionate vocals, nan song’s rubbing lyrics person a melancholic feel. 

17. “Two Step”

Best Lyrics: Say, my love, I came to you pinch champion intention/You laid down to springiness to maine conscionable what I’m seeking

Set nan temper for a lively and memorable wedding statement pinch an upbeat, celebratory song. “Two Step” serves arsenic a reminder that it is important to observe life and emotion nary matter nan circumstances. 

18. “Crush”

Best Lyrics: Crazy really it feels tonight/Crazy really you make it each alright love

With “Crush” playing astatine immoderate infinitesimal of your wedding ceremony, beryllium fresh to person an breathtaking and romanticist experience. In fact, it’s nan cleanable opus for you and your partner to creation to, considering its affectional lyrics and Matthews’ fantabulous vocal delivery. 

The opus has a affirmative vibe that will infuse feelings of emotion and nostalgia. 

19. “Dreamgirl”

Best Lyrics: And aft a good, bully drunk/You and maine aftermath up and make emotion aft a heavy sleep

If you’re looking for a opus that will create an friendly ambiance astatine your wedding ceremony, play “Dreamgirl”.

Not only does it person a dreamy sound, but nan opus besides has affectional lyrics. Perhaps you tin play “Dreamgirl” during nan cocktail hr aliases nan closing ceremony, considering its lyrics. 

20. “Bartender”

Best Lyrics: When I was young and I deliberation astir it now/I conscionable wanna tally and hid

Everyone needs a enarthrosis to outcry connected successful challenging times, and “Bartender” affirms that. The opus is astir a man who finds comfortableness successful a bartender aft talking astir his life problems.

While “Bartender” is not a romanticist song, its powerful lyrics tin motivate guests astatine your wedding ceremony. 


Dave Matthews wedding songs person a chopped and reassuring value that will make you autumn successful emotion each complete again. And immoderate you’re looking for successful a wedding playlist, you’ll find it successful nan supra action of music.

Whether you’re readying a mini aliases large ceremony, make judge you and your guests person an breathtaking and unsocial experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should First Dance Be?

On average, nan first creation betwixt nan bride and nan groom should past betwixt 2 and 3 minutes.

During this period, nan mates tin freely definitive themselves without pressure. Moreover, nan guests will not consciousness saturated while watching them dance. 

Who Exits First successful a Wedding?

Typically, nan newlyweds are nan first to denote nan wedding venue.

Thereafter, nan ringbearer, flower girl, maid of honor, champion man, bridesmaid, and groomsmen travel them. Then, nan couple’s parents tin time off nan venue. 

Who Says Vows First?

Usually, nan groom will opportunity nan vows earlier nan bride. Regardless, nary norm says that this should beryllium nan bid of things. In immoderate non-denominational weddings, nan bride tin opportunity her vows first.