Zero Water TDS Meter Not Working? Here’s Your Comprehensive Solution Guide

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The Zero Water TDS tester has almost zero errors aliases faults among respective TDS meters. But, sometimes, you mightiness hunt for greater depths to uncover nan causes.

The pursuing instructions will thief destruct “zero h2o TDS metre not working” scenarios.

/zero-water-tds-meter-not-working/Zero Water TDS meters aft repair

The Display Is Blinking, And The Value Is 000 Repeatedly

Having a blinking show connected nan TDS metre is chiefly owed to nan dormant batteries. First, you must reset nan Meter.  

You must switch nan batteries if nan issues support coming. After uncovering LR44 Alkaline batteries, you will beryllium capable to behaviour nan artillery replacement efficiently.

Note: You must guarantee that some level sides of nan batteries are facing nan near broadside while implementing nan regalement.

The 999 Is With Another Number On Display

One of nan astir communal issues associated pinch nan Zero h2o metre is nan “999 is pinch different number connected display” issue. Although users misunderstand it arsenic a responsibility aliases a “zero h2o TDS metre not working” issue, it is not.

The Meter’s show shows 999ppm X10, and that indicates arsenic 9,999ppm. It is nan maximum worth nan meters tin show. If nan h2o sample you provided has excessively galore particles, that will beryllium displayed arsenic that.

Note: You must not trial soiled h2o samples that could show specified precocious values. The life of nan Zero Water TDS Tester whitethorn trim owed to that.

The Meter Shows 000 Continuously

The astir probable logic for nan continuous 000 displaying is nan dormant batteries. Since nan batteries don’t person nan energy to nonstop done nan sample, nan 000 comes arsenic nan value.

The aforesaid rumor occurs erstwhile nan personification presses nan clasp button. Until you property nan Hold fastener again, you will support seeing nan past worth sewage connected nan Meter. If you antecedently had 000, it would look continuously.

The Zero Water TDS Meter Is Not Working, As I Could Not Remove The Battery Cap

The artillery headdress connected apical of nan Meter is difficult to remove. You request a level screw to region that, and you will perceive a pop-up sound erstwhile doing that.

But, successful immoderate cases, removing nan artillery headdress will beryllium overmuch much difficult owed to nan corrosion. After depositing corrosive matter from nan batteries, nan headdress will beryllium attached to nan Meter. Users whitethorn harm nan Meter astir of nan clip and person to declare nan warranties.

Note: You must usage LR44 non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries, which Zero h2o TDS metre manufacturers recommend.

The Brand New Zero Water TDS Meter Not Working Issue

Several customers who purchased a caller instrumentality had complained astir having a continuous zero reference aft trying each kinds of h2o samples. There are 2 main reasons, and nan first origin involves a manufacturing bug.

You tin easy reset nan zero h2o TDS metre to hole nan issue. You whitethorn easy travel these elemental steps.  

  1. Turn On nan Zero h2o TDS metre on
  2. Remove nan short bluish artillery headdress connected nan top
  3. Insert nan short bluish artillery headdress (You will find it astatine nan extremity of nan Meter)
  4. Now you will spot nan instrumentality has restarted
  5. After that, Remove nan agelong bluish headdress from nan Meter to dip nan Meter
  6. Then, Fill a solid of water
  7. After that, dip nan pronged extremity of nan Meter into nan h2o cup

(You must not over-dip nan Zero h2o TDS Meter and dip nan Meter up to nan marked point)

Now, you tin cheque if nan rumor has been fixed.

Brand New Zero Water TDS Meter Not Working IssueBrand New Zero Water TDS Meter pinch Not Working Issue

How Can I Reduce TDS successful My Water If My Zero Water TDS Meter Isn’t Working?

If your Zero Water TDS metre isn’t working, location are still ways to tackle tds simplification successful water. Start by installing a reverse osmosis strategy which efficaciously removes dissolved solids. Another attack is to usage activated c filters that sorb impurities. Boiling, distillation, and ion speech methods tin besides assistance successful reducing TDS levels.

The Hold Button Doesn’t Work As It Doesn’t Bring The Previous Reading

When considering astir of nan personification reviews and questions successful nan Zero Water forum, it is visible that users person misunderstood nan Hold button.

Users would deliberation that nan Hold fastener of nan Zero Water TDS metre should bring up nan erstwhile reading.

What has happened present is “Hold The reference you sewage now.” This is really you tin do that.

  1. Remove nan agelong bluish headdress from nan Meter to dip nan Meter
  2. Then, Fill a solid of water
  3. Dip nan pronged extremity of nan Meter into nan h2o cup

(You must not over-dip nan Zero h2o TDS Meter and dip nan Meter up to nan marked point)

  • You will spot a reference now.
  • Press nan clasp fastener now.
  • Now you person held nan past reference you person got. It will stay moreover aft you dip nan Meter successful water.

Note: If you held nan 000 reading, that would look nan Meter is not moving owed to dormant batteries. That is why you must property nan clasp fastener aft dipping nan Meter successful pat h2o again.

Hold Button Doesn’t Work successful tds meterThe clasp Button Doesn’t Work successful tds meter


I dream these instructions must person solved your problems that are related to nan Zero h2o TDS meter. If you still person issues, interaction Zero Water assistance.

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